Politico Reports, Joe Biden’s Feeble State of Mind Could Get Even Worse

Hunter Biden was finally held accountable for flying too close to the Sun. After a failed effort to convince the President’s Son to accept a deal that was too sweet, the Department of Justice had to appoint a special independent counsel. New charges of gun, tax, and possible FARA violations were brought.

Politico reported that the news had left Joe Biden depressed. The article stated that he was sending text messages to his son with a sense of urgency.

Sometimes it is a text message. Other days it may be a voicemail.

Joe Biden checks in regularly on his son Hunter. The messages are getting more urgent.

The younger Biden is facing new criminal charges and could soon be held in contempt of Congress after refusing to testify in a Republican-led hearing meant to impugn the reputations of both him and his father. Those closest to the president have grown more worried about the personal toll it is taking on the older man.

“I know it hurts him. “He doesn’t talk about it often and most of us don’t,” said Chris Dodd. Former senator from Connecticut, Chris Dodd has known the elder Biden for more than 40 Years. ” He is also concerned.

Joe Biden’s anger at the situation with his son is perfectly normal, even though the child was to blame. Hunter Biden is.

It’s not an everyday situation. Hunter Biden was accused of “stripping off the Republican-led hearing” to “damage both his and father’s reputation”. This does not sound like either of the men are taking responsibility. Why should anyone take this situation seriously if neither will?

Hunter Biden is not a victim. Joe Biden had ample opportunity to stop influence peddling done in his name. Joe Biden also had decades to stop Hunter Biden’s degenerate behavior. Joe Biden did nothing but make excuses and blame others while allowing Hunter Biden to continue his behavior without consequence.

In such a case, you lose the right to show sympathy. Instead of blatantly ignoring congressional subpoenas and accusing the government that tried to cover up his crimes to now persecute Biden.

Hunter Biden claimed in a recent press conference that Republicans had “taken away” the light from his “father’s loving,” and that they were without shame. Yes, a man accused of sex trafficking and filmed doing crack indeed has thoughts about shame. No, this is not a joke.

Politico made it appear as though the Bidens had been the victims.

A confidant described an exchange by saying “You can see it in his eyes, and his shoulders are sagging.” Hunter is worried. We are concerned it will consume him.

Joe Biden could resign, or at least not run for reelection.

I’m tired of mainstream media pretending the Bidens have been abused. The Bidens are responsible for all of the problems. Joe Biden knew about his son’s criminal activities.