Second Fiery Tanker Crash in Over a Year Shuts Down Connecticut I-95, Causes Chaos

A tractor-trailer containing thousands of gallons of gasoline exploded in a massive fire Thursday morning, the second time within a little over a year.

“Emergency crews are continuing to work at the scene of the fire in the tanker on I95. Our officers are working on rerouting traffic in the entire city. Norwalk Police posted a message on X reminding people to take alternate routes and to allow extra time for travel.”

According to the state police, troopers responded around 5:30 am to a report that a crash had occurred involving one or two trucks and another vehicle, which resulted in an extensive fire under a bridge on I-95 Southbound in the vicinity of exits 15-16.

At a press briefing, Gov. Ned Lamont stated that thankfully no one was injured seriously. Other state officials, however, said that the number of subsequent crashes increased after the initial crash.

Paul Rizzo is the bureau chief of the State Department of Transportation.

Lamont stated that both directions of a major highway in the southwest Connecticut region, just 20 miles away from the New York state border, will be closed to allow for police investigations as well as structural evaluations on the bridge and interstate.

Lamont replied, “I understand the inconvenience that this causes people. All I ask is that you stay as far away from the area as possible. Traffic jams are terrible.”

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged the accident and said that his team worked closely with officials to clear the road as quickly as possible.

Our highways team works closely with Connecticut DOT to investigate the fire caused by a tanker that closed I-95 at Norwalk. Please follow local authorities’ directions and avoid the area as much as possible. “Thank you to first responders for tackling the fire and ensuring the safety of other drivers,” Buttigieg wrote on X.

Lamont stated that the state is determining when the road will be safe to reopen. He also encourages travelers to take alternate routes.

One person died and others were injured in April 2023 after a truck with thousands of gallons of fuel on I-95 in Groton rolled over.

Lamont claimed that the tire of a passenger car blew and caused a “tragic incident” in which the tractor-trailer flipped over and burst into flames as 2,200 gallons of fuel spilled on the road.