Bill Maher’s Sense of Humor Shines as He Rips Hamas to Shreds With History Lesson

    Bill Maher is on fire these days, especially when it comes time to call out the woke left on the issue of the Israel/Hamas war.

    Maher slammed the students at elite colleges who “sided with terrorists” and warned people to avoid college. Maher also attacked the Ivy League Presidents and how the schools dealt with antisemitism.

    Maher’s “New Rules” segment on Friday was under 10 minutes long. He took Hamas to task for its actions and told them that they had to grow up.

    Maher’s main point was that “things are changing.” Bethlehem was largely Christian before, but it is now largely Muslim. Crusaders have not rushed in to liberate Bethlehem, in the West Bank now that Muslims live there. He walked through conflicts in which people were either displaced or at war over land.

    He said that no one understands the concept of being thrown off land better than Jews, who, according to him, were evicted from most Arab countries where they lived. He said that “TikTok” is the social media platform that appears to be a refuge for Hamas fans.

    The Oct. 7 terrorist attack won’t change anything or destabilize Israel. The host, when talking about “colonizers,” pointed out that “nobody was a greater colonizer than the Muslim army,” who swept and took over most of the world. He noted that “they didn’t ask for it.”

    Maher reminded us that there were agreements made to end the conflict and divide the land with Israel in 1947, 1993 1995, 1998 2000, and 2008. He claimed that Yasser Arafat had been offered the West Bank in its entirety, but refused. Maher spoke next to Gazans, telling them that their leaders, and the college kids “useful idiots”, were not doing the Gazans any favors with their view of the situation. They kept alive the myth about the “river from the sea”.

    Where do you believe Israel is headed? Maher directed the question at Hamas. “Spoiler: nowhere.” They’re staying in one of the world’s most powerful countries, which has nuclear weapons. Hamas can keep attacking, but it won’t be able to defeat Israel.

    He said that Israel had to negotiate with Hamas because their position was “you all disappear and die.” Hamas doesn’t want to negotiate, it wants the entire land. There is no real deal until they admit that. “So, you attacked and lost. You attacked again, and you lost. How’s it working for you?

    Maher said that there are no Mexicans who are chanting for the land they once had in the U.S. He jokingly said that if they tried to move all of the Jews there would be “kvetching.” He joked that you could move them using a fleet called “Jew Haul.” He joked that we could move to Texas and put the Wailing Wall at the border. This would solve both problems. He concluded, “Let’s be serious.”

    It was a fantastic finish. Hamas is facing a very real situation, and these characters are chanting, “From the river until the sea”. Israel will not be moved, no matter what they shout.