Bill Clinton’s Nasty Criticism of Hillary’s 2016 Campaign

Bill Clinton, according to a book, expressed his dissatisfaction in private with Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in 2016. His choice of words, well, was… graphic. The book alleges that he complained to a friend that Hillary’s campaign couldn’t “sell p***y on a troop train.”

The 42nd President’s complaint targeted the Hillary Clinton campaign for its heavy use of identity-based politics. This included attempting to portray Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt. ) policies as racist and sexist in op/eds ghostwritten by advocacy organizations – while the former secretary-of-state battled socialist lawmakers for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Squad: AOC, the Hope of a Political Revolution, by Ryan Grim, was published last week.

Grim writes that “Former president Bill Clinton was dejected, lamenting in fall 2016 to a friend of many years, the fact that Hillary’s campaign could not sell p—y on a train full of troops.”

Does anyone believe that Bill and his wife still live in the same home?

Hillary Clinton has admitted in the past she did not run a “perfect” campaign, but has also blamed her defeat on pretty much anything and everything. Most notably, the phony claims of Russian intervention. She has long claimed that Trump and Russia conspired to steal the election, even though her campaign created that fiction.

She also blames former FBI Director James Comey, as well as misogyny for her losses.

Clinton said to CNN in May 2017 that she was “on the verge of winning” until [former FBI director] Jim Comey’s letter of Oct. 28, and Russian WikiLeaks sparked doubts among people who had been inclined to vote me but were scared off.

Clinton said, “If your election was on October 27, I would be president.” She was referring to Comey’s notification on Oct. 28, 2016, that the FBI was investigating newly-discovered emails. This came three months after the FBI had concluded that Clinton acted “extremely negligent” and recommended that no charges should be brought against her in the server scandal.

Clinton was asked in the same interview by Christiane Amanpour if she felt she had been a victim of misogyny. She replied, “Yes, it did play a role. [Misogyny] plays a very important part in our society, both socially and politically.”

She has never admitted that she is not liked. It’s still funny to hear what Bill Clinton thinks of how she ran her election campaign. He didn’t blame Russia, misogyny, or James Comey.