Pfizer Exec Admits Plans to Possibly Mutate COVID for More $$$$

Project Veritas strikes again!

Jordon Trishton was Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations and the mRNA Scientific Planning. He smiled and revealed his secrets to Project Veritas agents. It’s worse than we thought.
It appears that Walker has had two meetings in the video. Walker is happy as a schoolgirl and eager to join Pfizer’s evil plans.

Walker suggests that Pfizer might consider creating vaccines ahead of time to fight the COVID-19 virus mutation.

The PV agent asked Walker, “What’s Pfizer doing to optimize, I understand, vaccines?” This refers the fact that vaccines don’t perform as we expected.

Walker responds, “Oh, that was an interview we had today about that.” Walker replies, “Oh, that was a meeting we had about that today.” He then looks around and says, “We’re doing, um… I don’t know if it should be said. ”

These were some highlights Walker shared during their conversation.

Are you curious about the reasons that the virus evolves? We are looking into the possibility of mutating it ourselves. It is possible to create and preventively develop new vaccines. “We must do this. But, there are also other options. As you can see, nobody wants a pharmaceutical company that makes mutating viruses.

Now, we are asking ourselves: “Does that sound like something we would want to do?” This is the one thing that we are focusing on.

In the future, it is possible to develop new vaccines or other products.

The PV agent asks, “Ok, so Pfizer eventually thinks about mutating the COVID?” ”

“Well that’s not what you want to tell the public. Walker responds that it was due to a thought Walker had during a meeting. It was like, “We’re going back to think about this with more discussions.

The PV agent replies, “Okay.”

“That is exactly. ” ‘”

Walker doesn’t stop spewing Pfizers evil secrets.

Walker says, at one point: “Don’t tell anybody this by any means.” Walker continues to fist-bumps the PV agent, stating that you must swear that you won’t tell anyone.

He then repeats the steps Pfizer would use to study monkeys and adds:

You must be careful to prevent the virus from spreading everywhere. This is a bull ****.

Walk answered a question regarding whether Pfizer does gain-of-function research.

Gain-of-function research is not something you are supposed to do with viruses.

Walker maintains that Pfizer is an independent drug regulator that takes Pfizer’s problems into account because so many people want to work at Pfizer.

Walker admits that it is “quite good for the industry to be honest and bad for everybody else in America.” ”

The PV agent asks, “Why is it so terrible?” ”

“Because regulators who review our medicines, know that once their role ends as a regulator, they will want to continue working for the company. They won’t be as harsh about the company if they are not getting paid for their work. “