Washington, D.C.’s Vote-Stealing Law Is Treason

The Google machine reliably tells us that treason means “the crime betraying one’s country.” This is unless the Left changes the dictionary, which is a distinct possibility. An act of treason was committed by Washington, D.C.’s local government against the country and the citizens of the city. Continue reading.

The D.C. council approved an ordinance in October that would allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. The measure was approved by the D.C. council 12-to-1. The ordinance received a huge!Ole! The law was signed by Muriel Bowser (a profile in courage), who let it go into effect without her signature. She could have vetoed the unconstitutional and treasonous ordinance but she didn’t.

These scumbags can be told by a third-grader that the franchise, the vote, is the Holy Grail for citizenship. It should be protected and enshrined. Muriel Bowser’s gang of thieves makes citizens voteless and cancels them out. Allowing non-citizens vote is similar to inflation. Non-citizens voting dilutes the vote of American citizens, just as Joe Biden’s disastrous economic system does with every dollar you earn.

The clowns from D.C. may think diluting American citizens’ votes is cute, magnanimous or fair. It is not. It’s a huge slap on citizens, civics and the rule of law. It is a complete betrayal for the citizens of D.C.

What if all of Embassy Row voted in D.C.’s election? This is foreign interference in an electoral election. Imagine thousands of illegal immigrants crossing Joe Biden’s open southern border to vote in D.C. or San Francisco. They also allow non-citizens voting in local elections. It is difficult to imagine how they distinguish between citizens and noncitizens in other elections where voter ID is not permitted. A New York appeals court tossed New York’s similar law last June.

Thank God that Congress has taken control of the District’s oversight, Congress is now stepping in to stop the treachery. Rep. Chip Roy (Republican from Texas) introduced a bill that would put D.C.’s vote-stealing scheme in its place. Senator Ted Cruz (R.Texas), is running point in Senate. He released a fiery press statement announcing that he was running point in the Senate. John Kennedy (R-La. ), Steve Daines, R-Mont. ), J.D. Vance (R.Ohio), Rick Scott (R.Fla.), will present the bill to repeal this stupid law.

Cruz claimed that “allowing noncitizens including aliens occupying the nation illegally to exercise a rights reserved for American citizens not just violates the Constitution principles our nation was built upon but also invites foreign meddling into our elections.” He stated that this law at America’s seat in power “unconstitutionally lower[s]] the votes of American citizens

It does more than just diluting or cheapening votes. Vote-stealing, as this is known, encourages more people to vote for their own interests, regardless of American values. This sounds like selling your country or treason.

How long would it take for the Third World to overthrow the voting rights of full-fledged states? Joe Biden has already allowed the Third World in at the U.S.–Mexico border. While we are on the subject, millions of illegal immigrants will alter the Congressional map without the need to vote. The U.S. Census determines the congressional House seats. Illegal aliens are included in the census. This is why Trump asked the Census Bureau to inquire if people were legal residents of the country. The Congressional representation must move beyond head counts to citizen counts.

D.C.’s law has been a scandal to American citizens. Surprisingly, the seat for democracy would allow this absurd and treacherous law into effect. We are here.

This is just the latest of many ridiculous actions taken by Bowser’s group. BLM and Antifa allowed the burning of “President’s Church”, blessing riots in the midst of a pandemic, then failing to protect Georgetown by allowing the National Guard to be used on Jan. 6, 2021 despite ample warning.

They want to take away votes from other people and lower the franchise.

Don’t even get me started about the non-constitutional notion of statehood.

D.C.’s leaders should be mocked for their vote theft and asked to take a civics class before they run.