Old Joe Is Still Confused Over How Many Grandchildren He Has

Joe Biden has yet to figure out how many grandchildren has. This is the story after President Biden miscalculated the number of grandchildren he had at a recent fundraising event.

Try to make sense of this:

Biden addressed a private fundraising reception in Atherton (California) at the home of Mark Heising, philanthropist and billionaire, and Liz Simons. On Sept. 26, According to a White House transcription, the president struggled to recall how many children his son Hunter Biden had when he was speaking about his family.

“And I’ve got my dead son’s children. One is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania and one is a senior at high school. My son Hunter has four children but they’re all very young. Two of the five children are under four years old. Biden stated during the reception that the women were “grown-ups now”.

How can you read the transcript of Joe Biden and not get a headache? He is a master at talking himself into different corners. Hunter, his son, has three grandchildren. Next, he has 4. Biden then says that he has five children, and claims two are under four years old, which is false. Then, to back up his statement, he says that they are now “grown women.”

You don’t have to be a genius to know how many grandchildren you are blessed with. Seven is the number. Biden has seven grandchildren. It’s been several years since he had seven grandchildren, so it shouldn’t be as difficult to figure out. It’s probably what happens when someone doesn’t acknowledge their grandchildren until they’re almost five. Old habits die hard.

Biden, as we reported previously, did not acknowledge the existence of Navy Roberts until July of this year. Hunter Biden’s child support proceedings had become national news and a story that was embarrassing for the White House. The motive for the late acknowledgment was always in question.

Democrats are faced with a difficult choice. Biden is a person who has a deep lack of seriousness and suffers from senility, and therefore shouldn’t run for president. Or he is a man with a cold heart and doesn’t give a damn about his grandchildren. There’s only one option, as these “mistakes”, which are repeated over and over again, are not normal.