Democrat Makes Waves With Leadership Resignation Over 2024 Presidential Race

Is it possible that Joe Biden has a new primary opponent?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has floated multiple primary challenges against Joe Biden in the past, may be about to launch his own independent presidential bid. Now, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), who has repeatedly floated a primary challenge against Joe Biden, is raising speculation that he may now actually be launching his own presidential campaign.

Axios reported that Phillips would be “stepping down” from his leadership role in the House Democratic Leadership, citing his views about the presidential election of 2024.

Phillips said in a press release that his convictions about the presidential race of 2024 were not in line with those held by the majority in my caucus. “I felt it was appropriate to step down from the elected leadership,” Phillips explained to Axios. Phillips was the co-chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. Phillips said, “I congratulate Leader Jeffries on his outstanding and principled leadership and thank my outstanding colleagues and friends for creating space for my perspective.” “I will continue to follow my convictions and put people before politics. I’ll also support our mission to provide security, opportunity, and prosperity to all Americans. Onward!”

Phillips, like most Americans, is aware of Biden’s age and declining cognitive health. He has not been afraid to point out polls that show that there are concerns even within his own party about him becoming their party’s candidate. Phillips has not ruled out the possibility of running for office himself, but he also stated that he was “not well-positioned” to run a national campaign. He has encouraged Democrats with greater national visibility to enter the race and challenge Biden. He’s still so worried about Biden that many people believe his resignation as a sign of him running is the real reason he hasn’t yet.

“Joe Biden is currently down seven points in four swing states which will decide the next elections. Chuck, his approval ratings are historically low. Phillips said to Chuck Todd in August that “about 55% of Democrats would like to have an alternative.” Later, he said that he “actively invited, encouraged, to a certain degree, implore people to take a chance and run against Joe Biden” for the nomination. Phillips said that he will “make a decision” about Phillips’ possible entry to the race once he has done his darndest to encourage others in the next few months to do so.