NYPD Actively Misleading the Public About the Motives of Times Square Machete Attacker

Although the attention of the world is currently on Kevin McCarthy, China, and COVID, our authorities remain vigilant and as focused as ever. Our primary concern is to make sure that everyone thinks well of Islam.

Galati has the appearance and sound of an NYPD cop right from central casting. He seemed very uncomfortable when he said:

He was aware of what he was doing, and why. He believed he would die from the attack.

Thomas Galati repeats the same lies officials from the West use for years to justify every jihadi attack. This statement is repeated after each Islamic jihad attack. Non-members of the group will rush to convince you that the violence is not representative of the group.

Thomas Galati would ask the public why Trevor Bickford and so many others who converted to Islam got their peaceful, new religion wrong if he had even a dime of concern for New Yorkers. What are the Muslim leaders doing about it? But no one dares to ask.

Galati was very close to providing useful information about the attack. He explained that Bickford had hoped it would end in his death. Galati was close to providing some useful information about the attack, explaining that Bickford had hoped to die from it. He couldn’t muster the self-destructiveness and will to kill himself, so he tried to get a cop to do it. True believers such as Trevor Bickford are motivated to use violence. It is the only way you can avoid hellfire.

Thomas Galati cannot and will not tell the world that this has anything to do with Islam. He believes that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not have to deal with terrorists.