Joe Biden Shamelessly Inserts Himself Into Damar Hamlin Drama

Joe Biden said Wednesday that he had spoken to the family Damar Hamlin (24-year-old safety for Buffalo Bills) after he suffered a cardiac arrest Monday night at Bills-Bengals.

After he tackled Tee Higgins (Cincy Bengals receiver), Hamlin fell to the ground during the first quarter. He made a 13-yard catch. After the tackle Hamlin took a step back and collapsed to his knees.

Biden, who so far has not been able to make it to the southern border due to “more important matters to do”, reportedly visited Hamlin’s family Wednesday and spoke to them in detail.

Biden answered “No” when asked by a reporter whether he felt the NFL was becoming “too dangerous”. The idea that you’re going have — you got guys that can run a 4.8 40 and are 6’8″, 340 lbs. You can hit someone with that force, but that’s not what happened here. It’s not something I know of. It makes sense to me to work hard on concussion protocols and helmets. It is dangerous and you have to acknowledge that.

Like any other sport, football, especially contact sports, has its risks. All players acknowledge these risks and agree to them. Hamlin’s medical condition isn’t serious and the force of the tackle wasn’t too severe.

However, Biden is visiting Hamlin’s relatives when he seems unable to make time for other visits like to the southern border. Maybe a better comparison would be to visit the families of victims of the Waukesha massacre, Wisc. Jen Psaki, then-White House Press Secretary, claimed that Biden would not be visiting Waukesha due to the trip “requires many assets.” However, it was widely believed that Biden was there because the Waukesha massacre did not fit his preferred narrative. It had been a Black nationalist supporter for Black Lives Matter who drove an SUV through the Christmas parade in an racially motivated attack that resulted in the deaths of six people including an 8-year old boy.

Biden didn’t even visit Brooklyn last year after Frank Robert James, a black nationalist, went on a shooting rampage through the subway. He also didn’t visit Orange County, Calif. after a shooting at a church left five people dead and one wounded.

He found the time to get involved in the Damar Hamlin tale.