McCarthy Allies Reported to Be Pushing for a Delay of Fourth Speaker Ballot

CNN reports on a possible twist in the Speaker’s race. CNN reports that McCarthy’s aides want to adjourn Wednesday in advance of the fourth vote for Speaker.

Here’s the problem: To adjourn, 218 votes are required. Just as the GOP hasn’t managed 218 members to vote for McCarthy, so it is unlikely that they will be able 218 to join them for another adjournment. And there is no indication that any Democrats will split ranks to help. They seem to be enjoying the tussle.


Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Leader, and his allies are currently in active discussions about adjourning Congress until Thursday. However, they are not certain if they will go that route as they may lack the votes necessary to do so. Multiple sources claim they have been told this by multiple sources.

McCarthy and his team fear losing more votes if they vote for a fourth time, which could undermine their claim of regaining momentum. They have been discussing adjourning the House to tomorrow, but they need 218 votes to do so.

They hope that the furious negotiations which have taken place since yesterday evening and into this morning will have eroded some of those no-votes, giving McCarthy momentum for the critical fourth ballot. He is unlikely to receive 218 votes to win the speakership.

One has to wonder: How is McCarthy going to persuade 218 Republicans not to vote for him?

McCarthy’s delay in voting is another reason to be concerned about optics. Isn’t that a further indication of the difficulties he has in forming the consensus? The counterargument to this is that if he loses the fourth vote, and possibly loses ground, will that not be worse for him?

It would be great to see you in those rooms! Will they bear fruit? We will soon find out.