Here’s the Line That Brought Down the House During Ron Desantis’ Inaugural Speech

Ron DeSantis was elected to a second term in Florida’s governorship. There was plenty to cheer about throughout the speech (PJM’s Jeff Reynolds has more). But one line stands out.

DeSantis called Florida “the promised land of sanity” amid a sea of cities destroyed by woke ideology. He noted that many of these states and cities have adopted faddish ideologies at the expense of long-standing principles. They have coddled criminals and attacked law enforcement, causing public safety to be compromised. They have placed unreasonable burdens upon taxpayers in order to finance unfathomable amounts of public spending. They have caused havoc in education by subordinating parents’ and students’ interests to partisan interest groups.

“They have established medical authoritarianism under the pretext of pandemic mandates, and restraints that lack scientific basis. [Applause] Although this bizarre but widespread ideology permeates these policy actions purports to act as justice for the marginalized but it frowns on American institutions, rejects merit and achievement and advocates identity essentialism,” stated DeSantis.

When he said, “We reject this woke ideology!” the crowd went wild. We want normalcy and not philosophical lunacy. We won’t allow truth, reality, facts and truth to be optional. We will not give in to the woke mob. Florida is the place where woke dies!”

The applause started before DeSantis could finish the passage, and culminated with a standing ovation by the enthusiastic crowd.

The governor also gave a standing ovation to a line that struck a similar note. “We must ensure that school systems are responsive both to parents and students, not to partisan interest groups, as well as ensuring that higher education institutions are focused on academic excellence, the pursuit of truth, and not trendy ideology.” Florida must be a great place for families to raise their children. We will make Florida more family-friendly to make it easier to have children, and we will protect them from those who want to take away their innocence.

DeSantis is a keen observer of the Republican Party’s base. Instead of letting the left ruin his state, DeSantis has been the most aggressive and successful governor in the nation, fighting back the forces that seek to trap our children into a life filled with misery, pain, and dysfunction. The applause lines in this speech go beyond partisan talk points that aim to excite the base. We saw this in Virginia where Glenn Younkin was elected governor. In Florida, DeSantis won by almost 20 points, including wins with independents, Hispanics and women. Fear that their children might be in danger is what motivates voters, as we saw. DeSantis is a father and husband who understands this at an instinctual level. It’s a powerful message that he can send to 2024 if he decides to run for president.