NYC Felony Assaults on Women Spike 41%

Democrats like to claim that they are the most sympathetic party to women and most likely to be a champion of women’s rights. A new report shows that felony assaults against women in Democrat-run New York City have increased by 41% over the past four years.

The New York Post reported a new statistic on October 7 that clearly shows how little Democrats care about protecting and helping Americans, particularly American women.

The Post obtained disturbing NYPD statistics that show a 41% increase in physical attacks against women over the past four years.

In the first 10 months of this year, there were 2,830 victims of felony assaults, including domestic violence. This is up from 2,006 only four years ago.

The number of assaults against women, from a random subway shove to a vicious beating, has increased by 5% compared to the same time last year when 2,699 were victims.

New York City’s softer-than-usual policies against crime are the most obvious factor. Women blame city officials for criminals being released quickly and allowed to roam the streets in violation of NYC bail laws. They have assaulted dozens or even hundreds of people.

Jordan Neely is a shocking example. Leftists attempted to turn him into a martyr when a young Marine Daniel Penny choked him, causing his death (apparently by mistake) on a Manhattan subway. At the time of Neely’s death, there was an arrest warrant for him. He had 44 arrests in his past, including multiple assaults and attempts to kidnap children. Neely was the type of violent criminal who is arrested and released repeatedly in Democrat NYC.

The Post:

One woman, aged 27, told The Post that it seemed as if it had been a long time since it was Asian old people who were the victims. Three weeks later, a stranger punched her in the nose at the West 4th Street metro station. It feels like men hate us.

She attacked ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio, his allies, and the city council for passing legislation that would reduce the number of people held in jail as part of the goal of closing Rikers Island.

But I’d bet on the fact that illegal immigration also plays a role. In the last few years, New York has seen a flood of young men who have not been properly vetted, especially this year as NYC became a sanctuary. Tens of thousands of criminals and terrorists are among the illegal migrants who cross into the United States. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of these crimes against women were committed by illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, Democrat cities and states don’t usually track illegal alien crimes because they don’t want to hear the truth. Texas has logged more than 430,000 crimes by illegal aliens since 2011. I am willing to bet that NYC also has similar issues.

You can’t expect Democrats to change their minds and punish criminals. Democrats always side with the perpetrators and not the victims.

At least four attacks on women in Bushwick near or in the Morgan Ave. station over the past month 😤 Be careful folks
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