Air Force Report: Sexual Assaulters May Adhere to Traditional Gender Norms

It’s back to the world of woke insanity. A training slide for the Air Force and Space Force reportedly claimed that sexual assaulters are characterized by “adherence” (or conformity) to gender norms.

Libs of TikTok posted on X (formerly Twitter) on 6 October: “SCOOP” It’s the Air Force and Space Force Training for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. They claim that ‘adherence to gender norms’ is one of the traits a perpetrator possesses.

The “perpetrator’s” other characteristics were “friend or acquaintance,” “peer or slightly higher rank,” and “hypermasculine attitudes.” This “gender norms” nonsense may have caused the Air Force and Space Force to worry about men who do not cross-dress and are gun-loving. These men would be the men we want in the military.

In a world in which “traditional gender norms are a thing of the past”, what does “female” really mean? Which person has the right to talk?

Sexual assaulters are known to make up new sexualities in the LGBTQ alphabet soup.

Unfortunately, radical LGBTQ ideology has permeated and poisoned the whole U.S. military thanks to woke leadership. For instance, I covered a story in April where a medical practitioner was caught on video during a Navy-sponsored presentation in Bahrain saying that it’s U.S. military policy to ask children sexually explicit questions, including about “gender” orientation, without parental knowledge or permission.

The Navy also previously featured a drag queen, allegedly in hopes of increasing recruitment. Last year, the Air Force reportedly hosted a “kid-friendly” diversity, equity, and inclusion summer festival, including a performance by “Harpy Daniels – The Navy Drag Queen” (the same who was supposed to help recruitment this year). No wonder recruitment numbers are abysmal.

We cannot win wars with a military-run by these woke sexual perverts.