Hunter Biden Documents Reveal Alleged Theft of Daughter’s College Fund for Drug Binge

An exclusive report from the UK’s Daily Mail states:

Hunter Biden drained his daughter’s savings from college to fund a drug and hooker spree that lasted for months. He hasn’t yet paid taxes on the money, according to documents revealed exclusively by

Last month, Congress released documents from an IRS whistleblower that investigated the First Son for tax crimes.

According to his memoirs, Hunter spent thousands of dollars on crack cocaine and prostitutes in Connecticut motels in late 2018.

According to records obtained from the laptop of his abandoned private banker, Wells Fargo, he received an email warning him that he only had 44 cents in his account on December 17, 2018.

Hunter replied with a confused reply and ordered them to transfer $20,000.00 from his daughter Maisy’s education savings account.

John McAfee has paid for his hookers and blast.

What kind of man steals from his daughter’s college funds to fund his addictions? What kind of man would steal his daughter’s college fund to pay for his various addictions?

This time, he didn’t invest in a sex trafficking ring or buy illegal guns. The money was used for hookers and bludgeons, as he stated. The Daily Mail holds the receipts.

Maisy was then in her last year of high school. She, her two older siblings, Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill had staged an intervention at the Delaware home of President Obama just a few weeks before to convince Hunter to return to rehab.

In his memoir Beautiful Things, published in 2021, he admitted that despite promising to go, he ended up smoking crack at a hotel.

Emails and messages on his laptop reveal that money taken from Maisy’s education savings account was used to pay for various suspected prostitutes, who visited him in hotels the next day, as well as his Porsche 911 car, sex Webcam subscription fees, and other personal expenses.

Imagine if it was the other way around, and the son of the president in question had the name Donald Trump Jr. The outraged bleatings from the legacy media could register on the Richter Scale. What reaction did the U.S. legacy media have? Crickets. Why does the Daily Mail, a leftist British news outlet, tell us about this story, while the American media ignores the issue? It’s not a rhetorical statement, as we know the reason why American media ignores this story.

Hunter Biden’s character is revealed to us daily, and it seems as if the apple hasn’t fallen far from its tree. We also note that, on top of all else, no one from the Biden crime family has paid the taxes owed on the withdrawal of these funds. I’m certain that the IRS and Justice Department will investigate this.

These people have a lot of chutzpah.