Why Was The GOP House Speaker Debate Canceled?

Fox News managed to secure a short “debate”, including Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, between three House Speaker Candidates. The event was canceled just hours after it was announced.

This comes after Kevin McCarthy’s removal from his role in the Republican Party, which opened up a schism. Who knows how things will end?

Fox News has decided to no longer broadcast a joint interview with the three main Republican candidates for the position of Speaker of the House, who will succeed Rep. Kevin McCarthy(R-CA), on Monday.

The three candidates were scheduled to appear on Bret Baier’s Special Report Monday, to present their respective arguments for becoming the next leader of House GOP. However, all three have decided to skip the event.

Members expressed concerns about the wisdom and timing of the nationally televised event, which was scheduled to take place before a House Republican meeting on Tuesday. They are expected to choose the official nominee for the position of next Speaker.

This is disappointing from an entertainment perspective. It would have been great to hear Jordan’s vision.

This was, in the end, a very, very dumb idea. The Speaker of the House is not chosen by popular vote on a national level. The Speaker of the House is not elected by a national popular vote.

The main focus of being Speaker of the House revolves around two things: maintaining caucus unity and fundraising. You will have to make compromises in order for the majority to be able to operate as one unit when needed. A majority that does not have this will cede the power of government to the minorities (if they can keep together, which Democrats are always able to do). It’s a delicate balance to be walked.

It is also important to consider fundraising. McCarthy was a very good fundraiser. Despite his shortcomings as a leader, we wouldn’t have the majority in the House today without his efforts. The next speaker must take this role seriously. This is not a position where someone can just stand in front of the camera all day. It’s not just about being able to show off in front of the cameras.

A red meat debate was not going to accomplish anything other than set unrealistic expectations, as candidates made promises that they knew they would be unable to keep. It was a waste of time.

This cancellation is also good news because I don’t see any reason to continue to support Fox News in this way. What has the network done to deserve this kind of respect from the GOP in the past few years? The last primary debate, which was a disaster, featured a pro-illegal immigrant hack from MSNBC asking questions and another moderator suggesting that being pro-life was viewed as an electoral liability. Fox News deserves the same level of respect that conservatives receive.