Blinken Deletes Palestine Attack Response Amid Backlash

Antony Blinken was in trouble on Sunday night after a message on his account called for an immediate “ceasefire”. Hamas terrorists had invaded Israel and killed civilians without discrimination. Over 800 people have died in the current attacks, and that number is sure to increase as more bodies are discovered and identified.

Blinken’s post echoed sentiments expressed by several anti-Semitic, far-left Democrat members of Congress, such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Rep. Ilhan Oma.

Anyone who is confused should know that calling for a “ceasefire” just as Israel is about taking out Hamas and ending possible decades of attacks and bloodshed, is a morally bankrupt approach. This position assumes terrorists can rape, murder, and kidnap women and children without consequence. The United States will never hold this standard towards its enemies and to demand that Israel bows down in such a situation is insane.

Terrorists do not have the right to take a break when they are faced with the consequences of their violence. This is how terrorism grows. Blinken is a far-leftist, but he knows what he stands for, and it’s unconscionable to make such a statement.

His post was indeed deleted on Monday morning. Is it possible that a staffer may have sent the post? It’s very likely that Blinken doesn’t have control over his social media. But is that a reason? No way.

It is a further indication of the sickness that exists within the Biden Administration. To put things in context, as the attacks unfolded on Saturday, the first thing that was said was that both sides were to blame and called for a “de-escalation.” The State Department treated the killings of women in the street as a minor incident.

It’s hard to believe that these were mistakes, but I would say they are stunning. It’s more like their real feelings were shared and then deleted due to the backlash.

This is the Biden Administration. There are many Obama-era officials in the Biden administration who would rather assume that Israel is wiped from the face of the earth than speak out against evil. When people say who they are, you should believe them.