Gavin Newsom’s Veto of SB 596 Proves Parental Rights Is on the Ballot

California Governor Gavin Newsom does not act stupidly. He would be a terrible choice for a presidential candidacy, but he is a politically savvy politician who knows how to play to the margins.

Take Senate Bill 596. Anthony Portantino, a Democrat State Senator, has written another bill that is not widely known. A parental rights blogger from Portantino’s district raised alarms about this “parent-silencing” measure.

We can see that the intent and purpose of SB 596 is to intimidate parents, other citizens, and teachers against their policies and practices. The bill, if passed, will most likely be challenged constitutionally and struck down. California already prohibits threats, harassment, and doxxing. The bill is not necessary. Teachers and other school employees are protected by law from harassment.

Portantino wanted his last term as a legislator to leave a lasting impression. Portantino, a gun control zealot who is a sure vote for that cause, has been largely useless. Portantino, now that he has been voted out of CalLeg hopes to fill the congressional seat of Rep. Adam Schiff. Another California politician who wants to fail.

Newsom understood that SB 596 might hurt his presidential aspirations. California’s lawsuit against Chino Valley School District has not chilled parental activists but emboldened them.

If Newsom had signed SB 596, it would’ve given the GOP a golden issue to use and could have sunk Newsom’s recent pivot towards governing from the middle.

Jonathan Zachreson, a parent’s rights activist, tells it like he sees it.

Newsom vetoed SB 596 in Sunday’s legislative updates.

To the California State Senate Members: I am returning Senate Bill No. 596 without signature.

The bill makes it a crime to cause substantial disturbance at any meeting of a governing board of an educational district, a charter school’s governing board, a county education board, or the State Board of Education. The bill states that anyone who threatens or harasses a school worker while they are away from the school or after hours, for reasons related to their job duties, is guilty of a misdemeanor. The prosecution of credible threats of violence or acts of harassment, whether directed at school officials, members of the public, or elected officials can already be considered a crime. It is not necessary to create a new criminal offense.

It’s funny that Newsom has a different take on gun control. Newsom has gone beyond just creating gun control laws, which are constantly being overturned by courts. He is now attempting to rewrite the Constitution in order to eliminate the Second Amendment. Greasy Gavin is more slick than his hair gel.

Our country’s political discourse is alarming. It leads to a caustic atmosphere at school board meetings, and the politicization of our children’s education to score political points. We must be careful not to exacerbate tensions through the implementation of additional laws that could be perceived as stifling parental voices in the decision-making process. We do not need to add more fuel to the fire. Instead, we need more grace, respectful conversations, and protection of constitutional rights for everyone, including those who disagree with us.

What did this man do to California’s Governor? He’s trying to make it seem like he wants to change the tone of the conversation, but he is the one who runs around red states and gaslights them to create division. Good try.

Period. No school official is to be threatened or harassed for simply doing their job. I urge school officials to work with local law enforcement and use laws already in place to ensure the safety of educators and members of the governing boards, while they are performing their duties at school and away from the school site.

The French Laundry’s authoritarian has spoken and he is speaking from the side of his head. Newsom didn’t doom Portantino’s hopes, but he saved him from himself. He also tried to convince voters that Newsom would be a center-right leader.