Nikki Haley: Senate a ‘Privileged Nursing Home’ for Aging Lawmakers

Nikki Haley, the presidential candidate, has made age an issue during her campaign. She called for candidates older than 75 to take competency tests. Haley stated in April that we “need to have mental competence tests… starting at age 75 to ensure that these people are deciding on our national security policy, our economy policy, and what happens to our children in school. It matters.”

Donald Trump would be included in the call for “competency tests” for candidates older than 75. A competency test would not “diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or any other condition.” According to the Cleveland Clinic, these tests can serve as a screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction.

Haley believes that Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, and other lawmakers need to accept their limitations and step down. McConnell experienced a second public freezing episode on Wednesday, leading to calls for his resignation.

Haley said to “The Story’s” guest Gillian Turner, “Nobody should feel happy about that. Any more than we feel happy about Dianne Feinstein. Or about the decline of Joe Biden.” “I will say that right now the Senate is the best nursing home in America. Mitch McConnell deserves credit for his great work. You have to know how to leave.

Joe Biden’s resignation calls would be louder and wider if his friendly media and staff didn’t protect him. Media refuses to highlight his frequent vacations which account for 40% of his presidency. The 30-hour workweek of the president has also not been a big deal.

Haley believes that mental tests are needed.

Haley stated, “I believe that mental competency tests are necessary for everyone over 75 years old.” Haley said, “I would not care if these people were over 50.” “These people make decisions about our national security.” “They are making decisions about our economy and border, we need to be sure they are at the top.” “You can’t make that statement right now when you look at Congress.”

Should Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman also be subjected to a test of competency? Fetterman had a stroke, and a severe bout of depression forced him to be hospitalized earlier this year. If you are going to give Trump an ability test, Fetterman, and any other legislators who have suffered a debilitating disease, should also be included.

Senator Dianne Feinstein cannot fulfill her obligations to her constituents or run her Senate office. Bipartisan calls have been made for her resignation. Democrats in California are unable to decide who will replace Feinstein, so she remains in the Senate.

Californians had the chance to remove Feinstein from office in 2018, but they didn’t. Feinstein’s step-sisters and her daughter are now engaged in a court battle over the estate of Senator Feinstein’s second husband Richard Blum. This is a disgraceful end to a fifty-year career in politics.


Feinstein is still serving in Congress, despite concerns over her health and her ability to hold her office. These include memory problems amplified by her muddled comments to the public.

Her party is at stake. Senate Republicans say that if she steps down before the end of her term in early 2025 they will prevent another Democrat from taking her place to block President Joe Biden’s federal court nominations. The Democrats do not have the 60 votes required to change committee assignments.

Nineteen of the lawmakers are over 80. The majority of them are powerful committee chairs. They have no reason to retire. Maybe they should rotate the position of committee chairman every two to four years. Both parties would benefit from having new blood in positions of leadership.