Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Put Spotlight on Obama Officials

Burisma also offered the younger Biden, who earns $1 million per year, a board position. This was in addition to the alleged $10,000,000 bribe that had been paid to the Bidens (5 million dollars for Hunter Biden and 5 million dollars for Joe Biden). He was not in the energy industry but had a close relationship with Joe Biden.

Fox News reports that “less than six months prior to Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer becoming board members of the Burisma company in Ukraine, an email review by Fox News Digital reveals that a top State Department official told his colleagues that Kerry and Hunter were close friends and that Hunter requested Kerry to speak March 18, 2014, to his Georgetown University graduate students.” In an email sent in the fall of 2013 to Jonathan Finer and John R. Bass, David Wade discussed the possibility of meeting Hunter and his students with Kerry at the State Department Harry S. Truman Headquarters.

Hunter Biden is already being investigated by federal investigators for possible Foreign Agents Registration Act violations that may have occurred during the tenure of his father as Barack Obama’s Vice President. They are looking to see if Hunter requested favors from foreign entities when he communicated with government officials.

We learned last week that Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner met with John Kerry, then Secretary of State, just weeks before Viktor Shokin, Ukrainian Prosecutor-General, was fired in 2016. Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee, that Burisma leadership asked Hunter Biden to assist the company which was under investigation. At the time, Hunter Biden was earning $1 million per year while sitting on Burisma’s board. In December 2015, two days before Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv, Ukraine, a call was placed to Washington, D.C., requesting that the Obama and Biden administrations do everything they can to fire Shokin. Shokin was fired by Biden after he used a $ 1 billion loan to Ukraine to leverage Shokin, claiming that he was not doing enough in the fight against corruption. A Department of Justice memo dated shortly before Biden’s visit stated that the Obama-Biden Administration believed that Ukraine had implemented anti-corruption measures sufficiently and deserved a loan. This suggests that Joe Biden acted in his personal interest, not the interests of the administration.

“Kerry wasn’t the only high-ranking official Hunter interacted with or had connections to during the Obama and Biden administration.” Fox News reports that in July 2015, Hunter and Antony Blinken met at the State Department’s office of Deputy Secretary Antony Blinken after they had rescheduled a meeting originally scheduled for May 2015 because of Hunter’s death. Evan Ryan is the wife of current Secretary Antony Blinken. Hunter and Eric Schwerin also kept in touch with Evan Ryan. She was a former employee of the Obama White House as well as the State Department. She frequently corresponded with Hunter and Schwerin via email about White House events and kept Hunter informed on his father’s schedule. She is currently working in the Biden White House.”