Newsom Created a Program to Bus the Homeless Out of San Francisco in 2005

DeSantis had illegal immigrants arrive on Martha’s Vineyard. Now, Gavin Newsom wants to debate him.

Street Sheet states that the Homeward Bound Program provided transportation for homeless people to San Francisco’s Golden Gate. It was created by Newsom in 2005 to “connect homeless persons with out-of-area resources.” Newsom claimed that the program “permanently houses homeless people” and that this helped reduce the number of people living on the streets.

Street Sheet notes the following criteria were used to evaluate the program in 2015.

San Francisco, Low Income or Homeless
Family or friends who live in the destination can confirm that they will be able to provide accommodation.
If you are able to travel unassisted to your destination, you must be medically stable.
You need to be sober and able to abstain from alcohol while on your trip.

In June of 2011, the Department of Homeless and Supportive Housing Access Points program merged the two programs. This website lists the following services.

Financial assistance for a bus, train, or plane ticket

Travel food stipend

Access additional resources at the new site.

The guidelines state that the person who is being moved must have family or friends who are able to receive them. According to the San Francisco Examiner’s April 2006 article, 958 cases were not investigated and the program required that the person being moved have relatives or friends who can receive them.

According to the site, a MSNBC reporter said that they weren’t angry at Ron DeSantis. They actually thanked him for bringing them to Martha’s Vineyard.