‘F*** the Mormons!’ Utah Governor Calls Oregon Students’ Chant During BYU Football Game

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox called the Mormons “f***ing!” A University of Oregon student chant was captured on video at a Saturday home football match against Brigham Young University, Eugene, Oregon.

Cox, a Republican wrote that “Religious bigotry alive in Oregon” and included a video of the chant. Warning: profanity.

BYU, a private university in Utah, is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. CBS News reported that the incident was covered by CBS News.

One apology, one we must do better’ declaration

The University of Oregon has apologized for Sunday’s incident.

“The University of Oregon apologizes deeply for the offensive and disgraceful chants that were uttered by students during yesterday’s match against Brigham Young University,” they wrote in a tweet. “These types of actions are against everything that the university stands for and go against the spirit of competition. As a campus community, we can and will be better.”

Oregon’s far-left Gov. Kate Brown posted a retweet of the school’s apology and added a “we have to do better” declaration: “In Oregon we strive to be an inclusive, welcoming state to all people, regardless of their race, religion, or background. Our nation and state have a long history of discrimination, bigotry, and racism. Yesterday’s Oregon-BYU match was marred by indignation. We have to do better.”

CBS News reported that Oregon defeated BYU 41-20

Does anyone believe Debunked Duke’s volleyball racism?

It’s more than reasonable — unless you’re avoiding the subject — to view the anti-LDS chant during the BYU football game in concert with a Duke volleyball player’s now-debunked racism accusation against BYU last month.

Officials at BYU banned a fan who was accused of shouting racial slurs against Rachel Richardson (Duke volleyball player) during an Aug. 26 match. Richardson’s godmother posted on social media that Richardson was called “the N-word” “every time she served” by an accuser and that Richardson was “threatened to death by a white male who told her to keep her back from the bus.” Richardson also made similar allegations.

The accusations were characterized as factual by talking heads across the country before any actual facts emerged. This sparked a media storm. Here’s an example: Brianna Keilar, CNN’s anchor, told Richardson’s dad she was sorry for the pain his daughter endured and he admitted he hadn’t been to the BYU game.

CNN sang a different tune when BYU announced on Sept. 9, that it had found no evidence to support allegations that a fan had racially harassed a Duke University player. The school then reversed the ban.

It is also possible to wonder if BYU’s racism accusations — even though they are unproven — played any role in Oregon students’ chanting of “f*** the Mormons!” at Saturday’s football match.

One Twitter user, who apparently heard only about BYU accusations and didn’t see the debunking, offered this perspective: “Was that a reaction to someone who yelled racist slurs at women of color who were playing volleyball against BYU?” Did @SpencerJCox condemn the person or this ugly episode at BYU, which is owned by the Mormons?

Another one: “I can still recall BYU fans shouting racist chants at Black volleyball players at a match.” BYU fans celebrate bigotry and keep it alive. Do not act as if you are more powerful.

One Twitter user noticed the correlation. “This is the direct result of hate comments leveled at BYU after the Duke thing. BYU must be condemned by all commentators who invoke the religion. They were guilty of inciting and fanning violence.