National Christmas Tree Topples, Protesters Get Arrested for Disrupting Capitol Tree Lighting Ceremony

Christmas trees and lighting ceremonies are normally not an occasion of much drama. They generally involve moments to come together and celebrate the holiday, to sing, enjoy, and consider β€” in the words of House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) at the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting on Tuesday β€” “the reason for the season.”

It’s Joe Biden season, when there is drama and trouble with everything – even the normal Christmas traditions.

The National Christmas Tree at the White House was knocked over by high winds on Tuesday.

Thursday, the 40-foot-tall spruce will be lit. The tree is from the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia. Then they lifted it back into place after checking it out.

Others, such as radio host Mike Gallagher called it a “metaphor.” Some noted that it was typical of the Biden team’s inability to do even the smallest things correctly, like properly secure the tree so that it wouldn’t topple over.

There was also some drama at the Capitol. The Capitol was not spared any drama.

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted the Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting chanting “Ceasefire Now!” Israel is a racist state. Here and here, you can watch videos of some of these characters being arrested.

Hamas has vowed to wipe Israel out, but there is already a ceasefire. They’re saying that they want Israel stopped so Hamas will survive. On Oct. 6, there was a ceasefire. Hamas was the one who broke it, attacking and killing more than 1200 people on October 7, capturing more than 200 of them and returning them to Gaza. These protesting characters are looking for more chaos and a move to the left.

Johnson said, “This tree represents so many of the things that make America great.” The targeting of icons says a lot about the current left. Who is targeting Christmas trees? We reported that they also targeted other tree lightings including the one Joe Biden was at in Nantucket, last week. Rosalynn’s Carter memorial was also attacked by “protesters”. These people have no sense of shame. They are also reportedly planning to target more Christmas tree lightings in the future. I’m going to make a wild assumption and say that “war on Christmas” won’t go well.

It’s a little like those nutcases who stand in the middle of the street to protest climate change. You will not convince Americans by stopping them from driving or disrupting their customs or memorial services. These people just prove how evil they are.