Iconic Israeli Woman Shows Great Strength During Hamas Release

Rimon Kirsht, who was taken hostage on October 7th, has been released by Hamas, and she’s now being called “iconic” for what she did when the terrorists tried to get her to perform for the cameras.

In an online video that has gone viral, Kirsht can be seen standing in front of a Hamas leader and saying something to him. She then raises her head and walks off while shielding another hostage. They still try to act out their roles in the propaganda film, but they seem dumbfounded.

It is reported that she said, “Nobody will hug us anymore.” As a sign of defiance, we will leave with our heads high and without anyone hugging us. In other videos, terrorists are heard telling hostages that they should smile and wave. As of this writing, I cannot confirm that she said that. It would be amazing if it were true.

According to another report, Kirsht refused to be freed at first because she didn’t want to leave behind her husband. Hamas still has him in custody. They then threatened her. No doubt, they wanted to gain perceived leverage by splitting families. Hamas uses this tactic as a form of negotiation and psychological warfare.

Hamas’ grotesque propaganda campaign online, which tries to portray them as humane and benevolent captors, is a part of this. Sky News reporter tried this line and got a large ratio and a community note.

Some of the claims were even more insidious. For example, the idea that hostages are grateful to Hamas. Some memes have circulated claiming that a girl who smiled (because she had been ordered to do so) was in love with a terrorist.

This is the type of antisemitic, pro-terror garbage that is spread by people who can’t accept Israel as a nation and that it will remain so. Rimon Kirsht is a brave woman. I pray for her husband’s safe return.