Dissatisfaction with Biden Spurs Black Voters to Consider Trump

Joe Biden’s poor performance in America has led to a number of Democrats leaving the party.

There have been reports for a while now about a significant portion of the black vote moving away from Democrats and Joe Biden. Now, in every election, there seems to be big speculation on that. But the New York Times noted an astonishing number that should make everyone sit up and take notice.

A poll conducted by The New York Times in conjunction with Siena College in the fall of this year found that 22 percent of Black respondents said they would vote for Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 presidential matchup over Joe Biden.

In the 2020 close race, former president Donald Trump is said to have received eight percent of black votes.

Biden would likely be doomed by a 22 percent drop. I don’t think the number is so high. David Wasserman, Cook Political’s David Wasserman, explained that if the number is even close to this, Biden may have cooked his goose.

Lawrence Jones, Fox’s Lawrence Jones, discussed the phenomenon in depth with Mark Fisher. Fisher, a former black Democrat now supporting Trump, should be able to offer some insight. He was also a co-founder of a BLM Chapter in Rhode Island. That’s a big change.

Jones has seen the movement in men’s barbershops. Fisher was asked what he believed the cause of the movement to be.

Fisher thought that it was the “duplicate Democrats.”

“We are not stupid” The brothers aren’t stupid. “We know when someone is for us, and when they are not. It’s obvious the Democratic Party is not for us.”

Fisher stated that Democrats’ policies are at odds with the black family, and even the nuclear family. This is a very good point.

Fisher stated that “a lot of people [are misinformed] about Trump.” They don’t understand because they haven’t studied Donald Trump and his background.

Fisher replied, “I love him personally.” How could you dislike a man like that? How could you possibly not like someone so real?

Jones said that it is likely more than men who are driving the movement if 22 percent of the vote in battleground states. Jones asked Fisher what he’d say if Trump watched the show. Fisher replied that he “Stump For Trump.”

Fisher wanted to unite all groups: “one nation indivisible under God.”

Democrats must be pulling their hair out.