Nancy Pelosi Launches Fiery Attack on Trump’s Mental Acuity, But Faces Irony as a Senile Moment of Her Own Unfolds

We will inevitably all age, but I don’t think someone who has aged themselves is the best person to point this out. Nancy Pelosi appeared on MSNBC and shared her wealth of expertise after Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary.

She decided that it would be a good idea to accuse him of being senile during the interview. She claimed that he had a “cognitive disorder.” She didn’t expect to have a senile episode of her own afterward.

Pelosi: Let me say, I won’t spend much time talking about Donald Trump’s cognitive disorder, but I will say, in friendship to Chris, that he said Nikki Haley had refused to allow the National Guard to come but it was Nancy Pelosi. It was nobody. It was Joe…it wasn’t Donald Trump.

Hoo boy. We are glad we got it all sorted.

Pelosi is 83 years old. When she does not sound intoxicated, it’s a great day. She is not qualified to comment on anyone’s alleged cognitive decline. She is an example of the need for age restrictions in politics.

It is also astonishing that she makes her remarks while supporting Joe Biden – another politician who is over 80 and is mentally shattered. He may not know where he’s at half the time. The disconnect is astounding. I know that most politicians are shameless but this is a shocking example. Biden’s senility is so obvious that I am tired of writing about it.

Both sides will shout at each other over whose brains are more toasted in the next ten-month period. But as long as Biden remains the Democrat’s nominee, he will lose this argument. As we age, everyone slows down. But the contrast between Trump’s presidency and that of the current one is still stark.

How can you run an event-driven campaign and accuse your opponent of cognitive deficiency? This is not the way to go, especially since Biden provides new videos almost every day that show how senile and painfully demented he can be despite being placed on a huge teleprompter under highly controlled conditions. His campaign will no doubt try to make this case, but they won’t win it outright.