Budget Woes: Why Funding Hamas Is the Least of This Nation’s Problems

    On September 22, 1979, the U.S. Vela 6911 satellite detected a flash that could have been a nuclear explosion. Though neither Pretoria nor Jerusalem acknowledged the event at the time, experts believe the event was a test between the two countries.

    Since the Carter administration kept silent about South Africa’s role in developing nuclear weapons for Israel during apartheid, there has never been any rumor. Admitting that South African banks funded Hamas would have been embarrassing. Hamas is an organization that would bomb Israel with ease if it had enough funds.

    Doesn’t this show irony that the nation most vocal in accusing Israel of genocide against Gaza, also supports those who commit crimes of genocidal nature?

    The Jerusalem Post and other sources conducted research that revealed a complex web involving South African organizations including straw companies deeply involved in funding Hamas through the Al-Quds Foundation. Israel sanctioned these international groups, which are now banned. The group also holds accounts at major South African banks Standard Bank Nedbank and Absa.

    Al-Quds International Foundation is a financial network. The foundation “continues to operate” around the globe with about thirteen branches, some under different names.

    Joe Biden, the weak-kneed Joe Biden will not remain president forever — I do not think so. South Africa can’t afford to have financial relationships with terrorist groups such as Hamas.

    South Africa’s failure is not widely covered by the media.

    In recent years, scenes like this one in November have become more common.

    According to Bloomberg, “Government incompetence and corruption, as well as policy paralysis, have left Africa’s most industrialized nation in ruin. Companies are forced into areas under government jurisdiction, in many countries.

    Thabi Leoka is an independent economist who serves on Ramaphosa’s Economic Advisory Council. She said that businesses do not give a damn about the people they are supposed to serve.

    Daniel Mminele said it clearly: “We are already on borrowed time, as others have stated. 

    South Africa desperately needs the honest government the ANC promised 30 years ago. The “gradually, suddenly” path toward failure will only lead to more corruption and terrorist support.