Charles Payne Leaves Jessica Tarlov Speechless Over Biden’s Stance on MAGA Voters – Pure Glory!

The Fox News Channel’s coverage of Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary election was one of the most important TV events. Bretbaier Charles Payne Kellyanne MacEnany Kayleigh McEnany, and the token liberal Jessica Tarlov were on a panel to discuss the events of the night. Discussion centered around Joe Biden’s use of MAGA to disparage Republicans. Tarlov was about to defend Biden, but Payne refused and said that Joe Biden

Payne started by mentioning Trump’s aggressive personality. Payne said Trump would strike back at those who hit him twice as hard. Trump won the 2016 elections because of his aggressive personality.

The President has said that he hates the other half of America “

Payne said that while researching for the segment he had come across numerous articles when searching for “Biden doesn’t like MAGA”. Tarlov accused the writers of these articles. Payne then slapped Tarlov again.

Payne went on to explain to the audience that Trump supporters were just like the rest of the American population. Payne said that Rep. Dean Phillips, who is running to replace Biden in the Democratic Primary but is also a Trump supporter, attended a Trump Rally for this purpose. Other Democrats and the media didn’t bother to attend.

Bret Baier informs Tarlov that Biden uses a teleprompter. …”. Tarlov digs deeper, and says, “Yes, it is about insurrectionists.”

Charles Payne, the only panelist to represent the other side of the debate, said: “He (Biden), says MAGA as if it were a curse rather than a slogan. Tarlov claimed Democrats were called “thugs …”. Jessica: Here’s some advice. You Democrats like people who are “identifiable”. Ask AOC and Bernie Sanders. 

Jessica Tarlov will have to go through it again and again. I’d also tell Jessica Tarlov to prepare herself for a long wait before November.