Nancy Mace Slams Dems’ ‘Bull—t’ Defense of Biden

The impeachment investigation began with a roar on Thursday.

As I reported, Rep. Byron Donalds, (R-FL), lit up the room with charts and messages. He then asked a forensic accounting expert and a former Assistant Attorney General about these messages. This blew up the Democratic line, that there was “nothing here” and “no proof.”

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-SC, opened her remarks by saying that she would not stand for the Democratic talk of a vote to start an impeachment investigation. In the past Democrats such as Rep. Jamie Raskin D-MD had claimed there were no formal rules for the beginning of a similar impeachment investigation. She said, “I won’t hear another word.” This is complete hypocrisy.

Warning: coarse language

Mace cited a deal made in 2017 with the Chinese company CEFC. The deal, Mace claimed, involved earning millions “by granting Joe Biden access.”

She said that Hunter had arranged to have Joe Biden share an office with CEFC, a company aligned with the CCP.

She then pointed out – in colorful terms – that the claim made by Biden’s former vice president that all this happened after he left office was not true.

She said, “My Democrat co-workers say that none of this matters because Joe Biden was not vice president when his family made these shady transactions.” “Turns that’s total and complete bull —. It’s a Lie.”

Hunter Biden said that access to his dad was the only thing his family-owned. “Those words will haunt Hunter Biden, his family, and himself forever,” said she.

Mace outlined what Tony Bobulinski told the Committee. The CEFC was closing important business deals in many countries, such as Kazakhstan and the Middle East. They were also trying to leverage the Biden name to further their own interests. This connection, and the help of Jim Biden and Hunter Biden, was happening when Joe was vice president.

Bobulinski claims that Hunter and Jim did not receive compensation when Joe was vice president, due to concerns about the connection between CEFC and the Chinese government. They wanted money, but they were Bidens. After Joe Biden’s departure, the Bidens earned a million-dollar sum. Mace called that “back pay.”

Mace brought another text involving a Chinese meeting and Hunter’s “BROTHER”. Mace wondered, “Hmm… I wonder who it could be.” “I can’t quite figure it out.” This was evidence of Joe’s involvement.

Maces exploded with the words, “Betraying Your Country is Treason.”