Hunter Biden Warned Against Burisma Investigation in Memo to Ukrainian Prosecutor

The House Ways and Means Committee has released a memo from 2016 sent by Burisma, a Ukrainian company that produces energy, to Yuri Lutsenko. Lutsenko was the new prosecutor appointed after the previous official had investigated the company. Hunter Biden was on the board of directors for the company and signed the memo.

The document sheds more light on the scandals and allegations that have plagued the Biden family over the years, despite the constant denials.

Burisma’s memorandum expresses concern about allegations made by a new prosecutor’s office regarding the company’s participation in an “illegal scheme” and requests to drop these accusations and reduce the investigating of the company.

Your press conference of July 7, 2016, revealed that the Office of the Prosecutor General had entered Burisma’s offices, as well as the residences and offices of several members of Burisma’s staff. You made several accusations against Burisma, its owner, and the company. In your press conference, you did not provide any evidence of a crime but instead made accusations that Burisma was involved in “illegal” schemes that your office will investigate over a period of time.

The Memo Continues:

We are concerned as citizens of countries that place the highest priority on adherence to the law. Your statements and your approach in this investigation are concerning. You are aware of the damage that media reports about criminal conduct can do to private enterprises. We, the members of the Board of Directors respectfully request you cease making any allegations of criminal conduct by yourself or officials in your office and that all investigations be conducted according to the rules of fairness and law.

Devon Archer, former Burisma Board member, described the story of Hunter, Burisma, and the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office. He said that the company considered the former prosecutor Viktor Shokin a threat because of his ongoing investigation into allegations of corruption. Shokin’s investigation put tremendous pressure on the firm, and the leadership wanted him to be removed. Biden, then Vice President, was a key player in this. He allegedly used his position to press the Ukrainian government into firing Shokin. This eased pressure on Burisma.

In other emails, it appears that Hunter was a major player in the recruitment of Blue Star Strategies 2015, a public relations and government affairs consulting firm, to assist Burisma in “closing down any cases/pursuits against the company”. The emails also revealed that Blue Star Strategies was linked to Lutsenko, and represented his interests while working with Burisma.

The constant flow of information about Hunter Biden and Burisma has raised many complex political and ethical questions. House Republicans have launched an impeachment investigation into the president’s involvement in his son’s shady business dealings abroad.