Dems Turn on Biden as Border Crisis Worsens

Republicans have repeatedly criticized President Joe Biden for failing to deal with the escalating crisis on the southern border. Recently, however, some members of his party have turned against him. The White House has been criticized by a growing number of Democratic voices in response to the constant influx of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers at the southern border trying to enter the United States.

As the elections of 2024 loom, the problem has put those on the Left in a difficult position.

Democratic strongholds struggle to help the surge of migrants that have flooded their cities and states — and this is causing anxiety within the party as they look ahead to the 2024 elections.

The tussle between New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the White House regarding an influx of migrants from red states soured Joe Biden’s relationship. He’s not the only official in a blue state who is pushing back. Public pressure and budget concerns are rising across Illinois, Massachusetts, and elsewhere.

The immigration issue between Mayor Adams and the White House has continued for years, as his city is among those who are suffering the most from the border crisis. He announced last week that he spoke with President Biden to convey the gravity of the situation. “You know, you need an emergency declaration. We need proper funding. And we need a strategy to decompress not just in the city, but across the entire state. “This is wrong,” he said.

Chicago and other blue states like Massachusetts also face the same situation, with budgetary and public pressures brought on by an influx of illegal migrants and asylum seekers.

In an interview, Chicago Alderperson Andre Vasquez who chairs the Chicago City Council Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights said that “you’re hearing sentiments similar to what you’d hear at a. Donald Trump rally where asylum-seekers were referred to as illegals.” There are some people who say that the Democratic Party doesn’t do anything for them and they are stuck with what they have.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said in August that Windy City could not continue to welcome new arrivals “safely and effectively” without immigration policy and significant support.

Democrats know that American voters are eager to see progress in solving the border crisis. This has been a problem since President Biden’s first days in office. The majority of Americans are in favor of reforming our immigration system, even if their views differ on how to do so.

The White House is taking steps to ease pressure on major cities, allowing Venezuelans the opportunity to apply for work permits. However, Democratic leaders in the states insist on more help because they lack resources to provide housing and healthcare. Massachusetts Gov. Maura Shealey declared an emergency recently because the state is struggling to provide shelter and services for thousands of homeless families. Many of them are asylum seekers.

Democrats are concerned about the apparent lack of support from the federal authorities, who have failed to find solutions to stop the flow of migrants at the southern border. It is possible that this would explain the increased number of politicians who are on the left speaking out publicly against the administration. The border crisis will continue to worsen and will cause more Democratic leaders to criticize the White House. If the situation doesn’t improve quickly, the Democratic Party could suffer serious repercussions in the upcoming elections.