Dem El Paso Mayor Sending Illegal Immigrants to Chicago

The escalating situation at the southern border has gotten to the Democrat Mayor of El Paso. El Paso now offers free bus rides from the city to Chicago for illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Democrats blamed Republican Governors for sending migrants into their cities, calling it an “inhumane stunt.”

Some of the migrants who arrived in Chicago over the weekend were transported by buses chartered by the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas.

Some migrants were so desperate to get across the border that they rode on the top of train cars.

One migrant recalled that the railroad operators warned them of dangers, and told them to wait until they had more wagons. “But we are so anxious to reach our destination, we risk everything to do it.”

El Paso’s mayor stated that his city has reached a breaking point with nearly 2,000 migrants arriving per day.

In the last few days, two buses were sent to Chicago. This is the first time in almost a year that this has happened.

I wrote on Monday about El Paso mayor Oscar Leeser expressing his frustration at the Biden Administration’s nonexistent border policies.

Surely, some media outlets will insist that these people, who are also in the country illegally, are “herded in buses.” The truth could not be further away.

Jorge Rodriguez, El Paso Emergency Management, said that “every individual who boards one of these buses is going voluntarily.” They sign a document stating they are going voluntarily to a destination of their choosing. We are carefully coordinating our plans with everyone.

He’s not the only Democrat in a bind.

Since last summer, Denver has sent seven buses with migrants to Chicago.

Chicago has over 2,000 illegals waiting for a place in a shelter. Currently, there are almost 9,000 people in makeshift shelters. There are many more waiting at Chicago Police Stations and O’Hare or Midway Airports. Over 600 illegal immigrants from Texas border towns such as El Paso and Eagle Pass have already been transported to Chicago, along with seven buses coming from Denver.

According to the Constitution, the federal government has responsibility for border security. The Constitution’s Article 4, Section 4 states:

The United States will guarantee to each State of this Union, a Republican form of government, and protect them from invasion. They also have the right to request the legislature or the executive (in the event that the Legislature is not convened), in order to prevent domestic violence.

The Biden administration failed miserably to protect the border states against invasion. The states and cities on the border are justified in taking matters into their own hand.

This principle also applies to our southern border. This principle was first attributed to Herb Stein, the father of actor and economist Ben Stein. Stein’s Law is a beautiful statement that states “If it cannot continue forever, then it will stop”.

It is at this point that our southern border has reached a critical mass. The current situation is not only unsustainable but also impossible to continue. The situation is unbearable. The situation will end. It will stop.