New Messages Show Biden Sought Meeting With Chinese Businessman After Millions in Payments

The slow drip of evidence continues against Joe Biden, as the first impeachment hearing began on Thursday. A new report reveals text messages that show the now-president asked for a meeting with an Asian businessman who paid Hunter Biden millions just weeks before.

The House Ways and Means Committee released text messages this week that show President Joe Biden personally asked for an audience with a Chinese executive who had paid Hunter Biden’s company millions of dollars as consulting fees weeks before.

In a WhatsApp message sent to CEFC Director Gongwen Dong on August 27, 2017, Hunter Biden stated that his uncle’s “brother”, Ye Jianming would be in New York City. He wanted to meet Ye Jianming. In emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, it is revealed that Jim Biden and Hunter Biden were in New York City that week, to meet Ye Jianming and discuss their business relationship. CEFC wired Hunter Biden’s Hudson West III company more than $5m earlier that month.

It appears that this is the same Chinese “chairman”, who was mentioned in a bombshell WhatsApp message. Hunter Biden claimed that his father had been “in the room”, during an attempt to extort Henry Zhao, who was a CCP-connected entrepreneur. Hunter Biden said that Joe Biden was directly involved in punishing Zhao if money wasn’t handed over.

Hunter Biden is very careful in these messages to not mention his father directly. Instead, he refers to him as “his uncle’s brother.”

Hunter Biden sent Dong a text message saying, “My uncle and his BROTHER will be here to meet the Chairman.” They were arranging a meeting with Ye for later that afternoon. Please give me the location and time. Jim’s brother if he comes just to say hello, he won’t be stopping for lunch.

Hunter Biden seems to be referring to his father who was heavily involved in the Bidens’ dealings with CEFC. Frank Biden was not known to have any involvement with CEFC.

There’s no need to believe that these “coincidences” are actually coincidences. Why did Joe Biden want to “say hi” to the CCP-linked businessman whose son had just received $5 million for “consulting.” What was the purpose of this consulting?

All of this is absurd. Biden would have no reason to meet with someone he didn’t know because he wasn’t involved in his son’s business. This is clearly a case of influence play. Biden appears to say “hello” and the Chinese feel satisfied with their purchase. Hunter Biden was not providing a legitimate service.

It’s also worth noting the fact that Hunter Biden and his associates have been charged with FARA violations in relation to their dealings with CEFC Energy. Hunter Biden has not been charged. Why was it illegal to earn money as an unregistered agent from CEFC Energy, but not for the son of the president? I have some suspicions.