Naked Virginia Woman Wounded by Gunshot During Home Invasion and Assault With Frying Pan

According to authorities, a Virginia homeowner shot a naked woman in her leg after she broke into his house and attacked him with an iron skillet.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office officers responded to a report of a shooting at Loafers Rest Road, Austinsville, on February 26th. They located Paula Michelle Locklear (35), with a gunshot wound in her leg.

In a Sunday Facebook posting, the sheriff’s office stated that “During the course o the investigation, deputies determined the shooting was due to a breaking-and-entering.” The homeowner heard a loud noise in the back of the house and went into the kitchen to see a female unclothed enter the rear door. She then began to hit the homeowner with a cast-iron fry pan in his head.

Locklear was finally kicked out of the victim’s home by the victim, who then secured his door.

Locklear then allegedly entered the back porch of the homeowner and “began turning off all the electrical breakers to the home and began beating on the kitchen window,” according to the sheriff’s department.

She yelled at the victim to “get out of her house or she was going to kill him,” and began beating on the victim’s door, at which point he discharged a firearm and shot Locklear in the leg, according to authorities.

Virginia officials have charged Locklear in connection to felony breaking and entering while being armed; assault, battery; and property damages.

The suspect, 35 years old, is currently being held without bond in anticipation of her arraignment before the Carroll County General District Court.

After Roger Brooks, Carroll County Commonwealth Attorney determined that the homeowner was acting in self-defense, the homeowner will not face any charges.