Fetterman’s Office Releases Photos of Senator ‘at Work,’ but Are They Staged?

Sen. John Fetterman cosponsored legislation last week on rail safety despite his voluntary commitment for severe depression at Walter Reed Hospital. Fetterman’s office now has photos that clearly show Fetterman was not actually working, or that unelected staffers were doing it.

Adam Jentleson was Fetterman’s chief-of-staff and posted photos on Monday of the two of them having a productive meeting at Walter Reed to discuss rail safety legislation.

Jentleson has been criticized for blocking people asking how Fetterman could cosponsor legislation while he was still committed. Jentleson claims that the photos prove he is “well on the way to recovery” as well as “laser-focused” on Pennsylvania.

But I have some questions.

The photos show two men sitting at a desk with one or two documents, and an iPad. Auditory processing issues are a key issue that Fetterman suffered a May 2022 stroke. According to Fetterman, people sound like adults in Peanuts cartoons when they speak. Nevertheless, this meeting appears to have no assistive technology.

Assistive technology was used during Fetterman’s debate with Dr. Mehmet O and was also installed in Senate chamber, despite the fact that electronic devices are generally prohibited.

Is Fetterman now able to use this technology without any problems? These photos were taken to stop the media asking questions.

It is also interesting that no video was released. It would be interesting to see evidence that Fetterman was able to have a conversation with Jentleson about the issues Fetterman allegedly is laser-focused on while he’s undergoing treatment for his depression.

However, something tells us that we won’t get a video.