MSNBC Host Claims He Regularly Has Off-the-Record Evening Calls With Biden

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s host, recently claimed that Joe Biden has the cognitive ability to be president because he and his wife enjoy making late-night calls to each other in order to exchange notes and give each other feedback.
The revelation was made on the podcast “Hacks on Tap”, hosted by long-time DC Swamp creature David Axelrod.

It is strange that Scarborough, a supposed “journalist”, never discloses the exact content of these discussions in his MSNBC program. These discussions would appear to be of great public interest.

. @JoeNBC reports that Joe Biden called him late at night to discuss (or counter) his comments

He recounts to @davidaxelrod and @murphymike

Alex Thompson (@AlexThomp), May 17, 2023

Via HuffPost:

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, dismissed right-wing criticisms of Joe Biden’s mental fitness due to his age. He said he knew the 80-year old president was “still cogent,” because they had spoken on the phone.

Scarborough, the co-host of “Morning Joe”, along with his wife Mika Brzezinski revealed on a recent episode of “Hacks On Tap”, that he had received phone calls from Biden, after mentioning him during the show or in an opinion piece.

“He will wake me when I am asleep at 8:30 in the night because Mika and myself, of course, get up at 4:30 every morning. I’ll go.” ‘Hello? “Yes, sir,” Scarborough remembered. “And an hour later he would aggressively and very efficiently tell me point by pointing by point how my op ed was flawed.”

This confirms that the federal government, and legacy media, are literally incestuous.

In the past, journalism was a profession for feisty muckrakers, who drank whiskey and were outside the power structure. They were a check on abuses of power by the state.

We have an Ivy League liberal elite that has a stranglehold over the industry. They are made up of “journalists”, who have been trained to work the cocktail circuit. They have close relationships with the politicians that they are supposed investigate.

Morning Joe is a prime example of this disgusting phenomena. He has a daily multi-hour program on MSNBC next to his lady, who is herself the nepotism-baby Zbigniew Brezinski’s Deep State pioneer.

The rot goes far beyond Joe Biden’s filthy chats late at night with Morning Joe.

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