Fan Knocked Unconscious in Brawl Outside Dodgers’ Stadium

According to an online video, a fan was knocked out after a large brawl broke out outside Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night in Los Angeles following the Dodgers’ 5-1 loss to Minnesota Twins.

KTLA reported that a cell phone video caught the moment several people, including some who appeared to be Dodgers supporters, began exchanging blows at the front gate of a stadium around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The incident began, according to a witness who spoke with the outlet, when the group of intoxicated people began “pushing” each other.

Jonathan Lopez, a reporter for the outlet, said: “They began pushing each other. Then they got into an argument… and a few seconds later one guy was unconscious on the ground.”

A video posted on Twitter shows that a man wearing a black t-shirt gets involved in the altercation, before hitting a Clayton Kershaw jersey.

A bystander ran over to check on the man after he fell and appeared to be immobile.

We contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to inquire about the incident. Law enforcement informed NBCLA the man who had been knocked unconscious was not at the scene when the police arrived.

The witness said KTLA stadium security broke up the fight at the end and put the injured man onto a stretcher. He said that the man who had thrown the punch was also taken into custody.