More Classified Documents Found That Were Illegally Taken By Joe Biden

This was inevitable. Many speculated that more would be “found” after Monday’s initial report revealed that Joe Biden had illegally taken classified documents from his vice-presidential stint.

It was no surprise that more classified documents miraculously appeared. Although the original batch was located at Penn Biden Center, where it was allegedly placed by Biden in 2018, this new batch was discovered in a different location.

According to someone familiar with the matter, President Joe Biden’s aides discovered at least one more batch of classified documents in an area other than the Washington office that he used after leaving Obama.

Biden’s aides are searching for classified materials in any other places he might have used since November after discovering documents with classified markings in his old office.

We are beginning to see a picture that is not consistent with what Biden and his defenders claim. The White House claimed that the incident was a single-off and it was an accident with the first batch. This is not a one-off. It seems unlikely that the president “accidentally” stole multiple troves of classified documents and spread them to different locations.

Right? The FBI must now raid his other properties. Although it is unlikely, this would make sense given the precedent. It’s almost certain that there are more documents out there and that they must be recovered. That’s at least the line we would use if dealing with a Republican.

Furthermore, the fact that two troves of documents were found at different locations is a sign of something. This doesn’t happen by accident. It would be one thing for a few briefings to be gathered in a box and sent off to the post-vice presidency office. It’s difficult to believe that anyone knew these documents were in fact there. These documents weren’t created by chance. They were taken by someone and put there by somebody, and Biden is responsible for that.

Despite that, it is amazing to see the hypocrisy. Biden appeared last year on 60 Minutes to criticize Trump for taking classified documents. He stated that he did not understand how anyone could be so irresponsible. However, Biden appears to have taken multiple caches of classified papers, which is why the notion that he didn’t know is unlikely to stand up to this latest news.