McCarthy, Texas Republicans to Make Major Announcement About DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, is on the brink of being impeached. FOX News reports that a group of Texas Republicans will meet with Kevin McCarthy, the incoming Speaker of Congress, Tuesday afternoon in El Paso to announce a “major announcement” about Mayorkas. This event is taking place amid widespread calls for Mayorkas’ impeachment over the border crisis.

Biden’s failure to secure the border has created a crisis so severe that Republicans have promised to impeach him next year. McCarthy took the decision to remove impeaching Biden officials from consideration last month because Americans don’t like impeachment being used for political purposes at any time. But who said it would be politically to get rid of Biden officials? Mayorkas is the perfect official, to begin with, as he deserves to be impeached.

Mayorkas must be held responsible for the punishment of Border Patrol agents for whippings, which Mayorkas knew were not true. Mayorkas will be held responsible next year for slandering Border Patrol agents in order to promote a narrative.

Although McCarthy may have changed his mind on impeachments, it is unlikely that he would declare an impeachment inquiry before Congress officially takes over next year.