Attorney General Merrick Garland Is Attempting to Obstruct a Congressional Investigation

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith to serve as special counsel in an investigation into President Trump’s handling of documents at Mar-a-Lago and January 6. This matter must be investigated thoroughly by the incoming GOP House of Representatives. They should investigate whether this rogue Attorney general has committed any impeachable offenses, and if so, quickly act to impeach him.

The loss of a 100% Democrat-controlled January Sixth Committee to Republicans by President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now creates a Constitutional crisis.

Instead of accepting the fact that the other party is in charge and allowing peacefully transferred investigative powers to Republicans, Democrats and Justice Department decided to go against all norms. This is more than Democrats losing control over their beloved “narrative”. The new Republican House will not be able to investigate uncomfortable questions regarding the Justice Department’s and FBI’s conduct in the Capitol riot of January 6.

Why was nobody warned about the imminent attack if there were embedded agents within some of the bad actors involved in the riot? Even if they had been warned, why didn’t they act? Why were the Justice Department and law enforcement so shocked by these events? Despite President Trump’s offer to send 10,000 troops just weeks before the event, why didn’t law enforcement officials push Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Muriel Bowser, to be prepared and forearmed? Oder, if they were warned why didn’t they act?

Nixon Watergate was a time when the main focus was not on the crime but the cover-up. Garland’s appointment as special counsel has all the hallmarks of a cover up. There is no better way to obstruct Congress and its oversight powers than to cover it up with special counsel secrecy. Garland resigned after two years of being able to act. This was only after the investigation had been handed over to Republicans. This is a clear sign of obstruction by Congress and interference by a non-political government agency in the political process.

Nancy Pelosi broke every House precedent by refusing to let Republican leaders appoint members of the January 6th Committee. We now have a broad special counsel mandate to investigate any person who, from January 6, 2020, attempted to interfere with the “transfer” of power — which includes thousands of Capitol Hill staffers and Trump lawyers as well as Republican political operatives. There are even some 100 members of congress who tried to delay the certification of the election in order to allow legal challenges to be heard or to challenge the electoral college delegates. Chief Justice John Roberts could have caused a serious constitutional challenge to balance power between the branches by failing to resolve legal challenges to the 2020 elections.

Merrick Garland launched an attack on Congress’ independence. It is time for Republicans to take action. This is not the time to be passive and say “Oh, let’s just let the investigation go its way”. This is a scam, and you should stop it if it is obvious. A rider defunding special counsel should be included in every spending bill that passes the House. Congress must have a free hand in order to complete its investigation.

If Republicans fail to use their power to stop it before it begins, all House requests and testimony will be denied by the White House as well as the Department of Justice because they are “compromising an ongoing” investigation. What better way to conceal wrongdoing, malfeasance and incompetence than with a shield? These investigations don’t continue; they are taxpayer-funded, never-ending opposition research. Washington, D.C. is a better place to have a jury nullification pool. This will ensure that Democrats are able to walk away and Republicans remain in isolation, no matter what.

The House will allow the executive branch to search the communications of all members, their staff and consultants while the committee chairs are denied access to documents and witnesses from the Executive branch.

The FBI, Justice Department and Democrats are now using the same weapons against the House that they used against Donald Trump. But this legal farce will be used to extend the clock not on a Republican president but on a Republican House of Representatives. The aim is to stop the Republican House agenda from moving forward and make sure that no one in Federal bureaucracy gets harmed. The House must move to initiate an impeachment probe and to reduce funding for this politically motivated investigation. Their ability to perform Congressional oversight will be scuttled like a thousand unanswered Subpoenas.

Merrick Garland has politicized and militarized the Justice Department. He has weighed justice. While he refuses to appoint special counselors for Democrats, he finds the most plausible excuse to appoint one in order to stop Republican investigations into his government agency. Attorney General Garland needs to be investigated thoroughly for using a nonpartisan government department for partisan purposes, and obstructing a Congressional probe. It is time to start impeachment hearings.