International Criminals Get Waved Across the Southern Border With ‘Squeaky Clean’ Records

Biden’s Border Crisis has become so severe that it has forced border state governors into taking drastic measures. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott invoked the Invasion Clauses in the U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitutions to defend Texas against an unstemmed tide illegal immigration.

Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis helped Abbott fly hundreds of illegal immigrants from Florida to New York City, Chicago, New York City, Martha’s Vineyard and the District of Columbia. This was even while our knucklehead Border Czar Kamalamdong Kamala Harris insists that “the border is secure.”

Although 13,500 illegal immigrants might seem like a lot, it’s only a drop in the bucket. As I mentioned earlier this month, “a staggering 5.5 million” illegal migrants have crossed our southern border since Biden’s election. FAIR president Dan Stein and an internationally recognized expert in immigration policy, said that the “record-breaking” numbers were a direct result of open-borders policies implemented under Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and President Joe Biden. And that the poor U.S. criminal background checks system used by Border Patrol (BP), which is not an international background check, is the reason for the untold number of illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border. It only flags crime committed within the United States, not other countries.

The system can only see if someone has been charged with a crime in the United States. Art del Cueto, Vice President of National Border Patrol Council, stated that if you have been convicted in the United States, your record will be clean. “All those people are being released into communities, and that’s what people should understand.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement classifies an individual as a convicted felon if they are convicted of any crime. Violations could range from serious felonies to simple violations, such as fishing without permits, not having your dog properly leashed or driving with a broken taillight. Over 30% of all ICE detainees had a criminal record as of the end October. These are only the detainees we know of who were arrested, turned in and processed. It is possible that there are more criminals in the U.S. than this. The truth of the number is unlikely to be known as Biden & Co. has not been able to track serious criminal convictions.

How can we fix the Biden Border Crisis, if at all? The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), has a suggestion for where to start. It won’t cost taxpayers a penny.

This is what you can imagine. Let our Border Patrol agents do their job, apologize for demonizing, reimplement the Trump-era policies that worked, and then enforce our laws. Sounds reasonable. But not so fast. Take a look at the bait-and-switch the Biden Administration is using to recruit new BP agents.

It’s not a recipe to long-term success to make people believe they will ride horses, ATVs, pilot boats, or patrol the border. But, they’ll be processing asylum claims every day.

Biden Administration trying to make their way out from their own stupidity.

— Border Patrol Union – NBPC (@BPUnion), November 22, 2022

According to NBPC it takes a short time for new BP recruits realize that their real job is to process paperwork and release “infinite masses of fraudulent asylum claimants” instead of the patrol work they thought. Is this a way to treat law enforcement agents? This is a way to run a country. It is time to seriously address the Biden Border Crisis. Republicans, look at me.