Fauci May Finally Be Dragged Into Court

The Republican National Committee pledged to investigate and bring charges against Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director for the innumerable human rights violations he and his cronies have committed over the past two and a half years.

The reality is that Congressional Republicans will not be following through. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.), who are compromised by “donations”, also known as bribes, coming from big pharma (sad too).

Eric Schmitt (Missouri Attorney General) seems willing to do more than just talk at the state level.

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt’s Office:

“Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt today announced the United States District Court for Louisiana granted Missouri’s request for depositions of top-ranking federal officials.” “These include Dr. Anthony Fauci (ex-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki), Rob Flaherty, Director of White House Digital Strategy Vivek Murthy and Jen Easterly, CISA Director Jen Easterly, and FBI Supervisor Special Agent Elvis Chan.

Schmitt provides context.

Attorney general Schmitt stated that he found evidence of collusion between the Biden administration (and social media firms) to censor freedom of speech. He will continue to press the truth.

Schmitt’s office refers to the strong behind-the-scenes pressure on private social media platforms to censor COVID-19 misleading information (doublespeak: any information which contradicts the official narrative). This is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment. Via Deseret News

Two Republican state attorneys obtained emails from the federal government. They stated that “Top-ranking Biden Administration officers seem to have pressured Facebook to censor content the federal government considers to be misinformation.”

Jen Psaki was the press secretary of the Biden administration and called for crackdowns on free speech at White House podiums.

Fauci had a direct link to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook through which he could have influenced on the company’s COVID “misinformation” policy. This role was not in his scope as a taxpayer-funded public servant in the health sector and definitely not constitutional.

Fauci’s long list of horrific crimes is far beyond First Amendment violations. It is worth forcing him to testify in court. If you want to get Fauci to answer the real questions that are almost certain, this is what you should do.

An ideal world would see Warlord Fauci classified as an enemy fighter and not as a civilian for his COVID-era overreach. It is important to remember the gift horse.