The Run on Guns and Legal Battle Begin After Oregon’s Gun Grab Passes

These days, the joke is that the Bill of Rights would lose if it was put to a vote. Oregon is the latest example of this decline of intelligence. There, voters narrowly approved an anti-gun measure that was so horrendous that the Second Amendment was “renewed superfluous.” Civil liberties advocates are now fighting to “secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity” to regain the rights the Declaration of Independence declared were “self-evident and endowed by our Creator”.

You shouldn’t be fooled: Oregon is a place where wokeness doesn’t recognize “self evidence” and where “our Creator” has been replaced with godless communist dogma. Young adults in Oregon believe that cheap rent, cheap marijuana, and forgiveness of college loans are civil rights. I am an idiot, and should not be trusted with sharp objects or things that could cause harm to others. They think, so you shouldn’t either.

Measure 114’s passage was a huge concession to civil rights and the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pisl Association v. Bruen which affirmed that Americans have the right “typically possessed” by law-abiding citizens for legal purposes.

Oregonians are reportedly making a run for gun stores due to this new law’s unconstitutionally harsh regulatory scheme. Sales have risen by 382% as a result. Karl Durkheimer, Northwest Armory’s owner, said that the Wednesday following this Election Day was our largest day. That Wednesday was passed by the Thursday following the Election. It’s a record business.”

The shocking thing is that the Oregon State Police has a backlog.

Measure 114 in Oregon, which was narrowly passed by urban Oregonians. It outlaws ammo magazines that hold more than ten rounds. This effectively outlaws most long guns and shotguns. It also reduces the number of rounds permitted in standard pistol magazines. In fact, Measure 114 makes it illegal to possess a magazine containing more than ten rounds.

The law requires Oregon residents to apply for a permit to purchase a firearm. However, in order to obtain a permit, the individual must first get a firearm (though Oregon has strict gun transfer laws) and then go to a nonexistent law enforcement-run training centre to be qualified.

Kevin Starrett (leader of the Oregon Firearms Federation) told me on my Adult in the Room podcast, that the measure is a recipe for disaster. It’s a feature and not a bug.

To carry a gun, you must have a concealed handgun permit. The law states that after you apply, the Sheriff must issue or deny it within 45 days. The law does not specify how long it takes for him to approve your application. […] A Sheriff might say “OK, this November, you can apply next August.” It’s legal.

Washington Gun Law lawyer Bill Kirk told me that Measure 114 suffocates the Second Amendment. He said it better, saying that it renders the Second Amendment “superfluous”.

To the Oregonians, I said that if you need to prove your competence, knowledge, and good character before your Second Amendment rights can be exercised, then what is stopping the state of Oregon, for example, from requiring you to pass a political litmus exam before your right to vote. […] Anyone who read Measure 114 and the Bruen opinion – it is impossible to reconcile what the court expects of government with what is here. It’s irreconcilable.

Federal court petition argues that Measure 114 violates the Fifth Amendment takings Clause by prohibiting the possession and sale magazines that were legal when purchased without compensation. Petition also claims that the measure is in violation of the Due Process clause.

“Banning magazines with more than 10 rounds is not likely to reduce criminal use of guns, just as banning high-powered engines is unlikely to reduce criminal misuse of automobiles.” Contrary to popular belief, the only thing that the 114 ban guarantees is that any criminal who illegally carries a firearm and a magazine with more than 10 rounds will be able to have a potentially fatal advantage over his law-abiding victim.

OFF claims that the state law requires funders to provide funding for initiative measures. Measure 114 does not have such a scheme. It hopes money will magically appear someday, and gun supporters, it’s not likely.

Petitioners ask a Pendleton federal court to declare that 114 is “unconstitutional on its face” and issue an injunction.

The Oregon gun-grabbing state government officials announced after Election Day that the new law would not be enforced for 30 days following the declaration of election results. Instead, the Leftists decided it would take effect for 30 days. Oregon allows mail-in ballots to be counted since 2021, provided they are received by Election Day. It can take days or even weeks to count the votes.

This means that people who wish to purchase weapons before the gun regulations are lifted will have a shorter time to do so.

According to The Oregonian, the decision surprised supporters of the measure. Oregon gun rights advocates were certainly shocked by the decision.

Pastor Mark Knutson is the chief cheerleader for Measure 114. He is a long-standing Leftist activist from Portland who helped to create a group called “Lift Every Voice” in order to promote the measure. He disguised his long-standing partisanship in a thin veneer and made sure that the campaign was not seen as a religious exercise. He said, “Never underestimate the power of a church basement or a synagogue or a temple.” This was a reference to the support for rights and not their removal.

According to the group’s website, there are no other organizations advocating for the banning of guns in Oregon. It is also funded by Michael Bloomberg. Knutson, who wore a clerical collar, vestments and a vestment, was the public face for the movement. He vowed that his anti-gun measure would reduce suicides, which account 82% of all gun deaths in Oregon, mass shootings, and other gun violence, according to the AP.

Knutson can be seen clapping behind Tai Carpenter (leader of Don’t Shoot Portland), as she proclaims that there are no peaceful protests and calls for violence. Carpenter’s profane rant was made during the 2020 Antifa and BLM riots in Portland. “There is no peaceful protest. This is a blatant exercise in All Lives Matter bullsh*t and it won’t stand. Carpenter declared, “There is no peaceful protest!” Carpenter declared, “Black lives matter. F*ck peaceful protests.”

The bottom line: Oregon Leftist Antifa (or BLM-types) have created a cottage industry out of fighting for free speech rights. They’ve made this mainstream and now they want guns. These people are not on your side. They don’t care about Constitution.