Mainstream Media Has Meltdown Over Trump’s Speedy Recovery

The media has unleashed a full-fledged news storm over the fact that President Trump was prescribed the steroid drug dexamethasone as part of his coronavirus treatment plan. Left-winged news networks even had their own “medical experts” on to talk about the drug and suggest that President Trump’s condition is far more serious than his team has led the public to believe. 

White House physician Sean Conley said that since testing positive for the coronavirus, President Trump has had two episodes of a drop in oxygen and they began a steroid treatment for that specifically. He said that he was not evading questions about the President’s oxygen levels, but was merely trying to project optimism.  

The pulmonary critical care doctor Sean Dooley also shared that being prescribed dexamethasone is not a significant indication of the severity of his case, as some medical experts have tried to claim. 

“From a pulmonary standpoint, he remains on room air this morning, and is not complaining of shortness of breath, or other significant respiratory symptoms. He is ambulating himself walking around the White House medical unit, without limitation or disability. Our continued monitoring of his cardiac, liver and kidney function demonstrates continued normal findings, or improving findings,” Dooley said. 

While some doctors on MSNBC claim that dexamethasone impairs rational thinking, others have pointed out (in their 36 years of working in the medical field) that they’ve never seen that adverse effect in people taking the drug short term. 

“As a pharmacist, I have seen doctors start this drug immediately. COVID is an inflammatory disease.  Dexamethasone seeks to treat the devastating inflammatory nature of the Covid-19. It can help with the long term effects that this disease does to the microvascular system,” another pharmacist tweeted.

It seems that the mainstream media is talking to every doctor and medical expert besides the people who prescribe this drug every day to patients. They just want to push whatever political narrative they want, including the one that President Trump is on his “deathbed” and doesn’t have the cognitive ability to lead the country. 

The media has been a joke and the questions the “reporters” ask the doctors have only been to push a radical left viewpoint. They treated our President early on, he seems to be doing great, but the media will only focus on the 205,000 fatalities and not the 4.5 million recoveries. That’s what gets the views.