Washington Post Publishes Religious Smear Piece On Amy Coney Barrett

Liberals really pride themselves on calling every Republican sexist and making grand moves in the #MeToo movement, but it seems like the hypocrisy never actually goes away. The left has decided to torch and disgrace Amy Coney Barrett, one of the most powerful women in the legal world, as an “anti-woman” figure since being recommended for the vacant Supreme Court seat. 

It all started with the Washington Post when they published a religious smear against Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The piece called Amy Coney Barrett a ‘handmaid’ in the Christian group People of Praise, a community of families and single people who seek to participate in the mission of the church. 

The title “handmaid” comes from a reference to the biblical description of Jesus’ mother Mary as “the handmaid of the lord.” The word “handmaid” in recent pop culture pertains to a reference to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a television series that reflects on a totalitarian society where “handmaids” are subject to child-bearing slavery. The show holds a sexist expectation that women defer to men. It follows a male-dominated hierarchy and view of gender roles. 

While the Washington Post barely manages to attain any sophisticated understanding of Christianity, Barrett’s membership in the group reflects nothing more than the desire to live out her Catholic faith with the support of a like-minded community. 

Senate Republicans Ted Cruz and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted the news networks  for their anti-religious smear of a group that has moved into poor neighborhoods and opened schools, built community gardens, and ran summer camps. 

“WaPo levels religious smear at Judge Barrett. Next, the Dems propose a test: if she floats . . . she’s a witch!” Cruz tweeted. 

Washington Post used Emma Brown, the same reporter who launched the anti-Kavanaugh operation, to investigate and publish the story of Amy Coney Barrett. Brown had little understanding of Christianity before reporting on the subject, leading to a lack of journalistic integrity and an overflow of pure left-wing bias.

According to the left, it is a disqualifying “revelation” that a public figure should embrace the basic principles of Christianity. From this, the Washington Post insisted she was a regressive, anti-science, anti-woman figure through her role on the Court. The article has raised questions in the possibility that Barrett will be asked about the Christian group during her Senate confirmation hearings. These are set to begin Oct. 12. 

Mitch McConnell’s office then issued a press release criticizing the Washington Post for reporting on the term incorrectly and called the article a “disgrace.”

“The word ‘handmaid’ appears dozens of times in the King James Bible. It was good enough for the Virgin Mary. But now, because one liberal author put it in the title of an anti-religious novel in the 1980s, the press tries to imply that one of the most brilliant and powerful women in the legal world is anti-woman,” McConnell said. 

The left wants to pride themselves on progress, even as they wander back into the embarrassing tropes of the 1960s. It is just distasteful to attack someone who understands and respects our Constitution…the very constitution that protects our religious liberty and to believe and practice whatever religion we want.