Biden Hypocrisy Over President Trump’s Mask

It’s not a shock that the radical left have become complete hypocrites when President Trump arrived home at the White House and took off his mask. Mind you, no one was around him at the time. 

It has caused hosts to have meltdowns on national television, activists to go on wild rants via Twitter, but mostly it has got presidential candidate Joe Biden preaching more and more about wearing a mask. 

Biden recently posted a side by side video on Twitter of President Trump taking off his mask after arriving home from the hospital while Joe Biden is putting a mask on. The video’s captions say: “Masks Matter. They Save Lives.” Mind you, there’s still not any hardcore scientific evidence that masks even work. 

Joe Biden also seems to forget that he wasn’t in favor of cutting travel with China and Europe back in March to “save lives,” which, under the Trump Administration, potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives alone. They called it xenophobic and said the restrictions do very little to contain COVID-19 and can even make us more vulnerable to future pandemics. 

Biden didn’t even admit to being in favor of the travel ban until April 2. Under a Biden Administration, this would’ve brought thousands of people from abroad traveling into the United States. All because Biden didn’t want to look “racist” to his radical left supporters. 

Biden has also detailed his approach to wearing masks while campaigning against President Donald Trump. He believes he has the legal authority to impose a nationwide mask mandate if elected president. He said he would pressure governors and local officials to impose those mandates. There is still a question about whether or not he can do that under the constitution. 

While demanding mask mandates, he was seen not wearing a mask or social distancing just five days ago with Anderson Cooper. He thought the camera had cut away, but he even goes up to whisper something in Cooper’s ear. Later on, there is also a photo taken after his CNN Town Hall where he even said he would mandate mask-wearing on federal property. The hypocrisy is unreal, but Democrats have always followed a different set of laws. Or maybe Biden just forgot that he’s been talking about mask mandates at all. You never can tell.

There are dozens of photos surfacing the internet of Joe Biden mask-less over the last few weeks. Talking closely with Sheriffs, walking up to a group of people without a mask on, and even seen walking around with his campaign team openly. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the mainstream media networks were attacking him as well, but they only seem to attack President Trump who took off his mask with no one around in his own home. 

When will the media call out Biden for preaching about masks while doing things like this? It’s best not to be caught without a mask when your central campaign message is to “wear a mask.” Or maybe he’s so used to wearing his radical left “mask” that it’s just hard to wear two masks at once. Wouldn’t be the first time.