Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies Obama Received Billions in Stolen CCP Cash From Fugees Founder ‘Pras’ Michel

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, testified at the federal trial against Prakazrel Michel, founder and leader of the hip-hop band Fugees. He was accused of involvement in a money laundering plan that included a large and illegal donation to Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign.

Fugees are most well-known for their cover Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly with His Song.”

DiCaprio spoke of a conversation with Jho Low, a Malaysian financier. He mentioned that he wanted to donate millions to Obama’s campaign. He gave the money to Michel and had him pass it on to Obama’s people.

Quick Facts

Low was sentenced in absentia to a 10 year sentence by a Kuwaiti court. He was convicted of laundering approximately $1 billion of nearly $4.5 billion in Chinese currency. This is known as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scam.
Low stated that he would donate $20-30 million to Obama.

It is against the law for American presidential candidates accept donations from foreigners.
Low was charged by the DOJ with trying to lobby Trump’s administration. He also hoped to have his charges relating to 1Malaysia Development Berhad dropped.

Low is currently on the run and believed to be hiding somewhere in China or Macau. China denies harboring him.
DiCaprio stated in court that it was a substantial sum of money, somewhere between $20-30 million. “I said, “Wow that’s quite a sum!”

Additional witnesses also testified that they received wired money from Low and were asked to forward it the Obama campaign.

Low was known for throwing extravagant parties and hanging out with Hollywood’s elite. Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret model, was once his girlfriend. She was ordered by the DOJ to turn over almost $8 million worth of bling Low had given her.

Michel is alleged to have taken the mad stacks of Low from him and used them for lobbying Obama’s government in support of Low and the Chinese Communist Party.

He distributed $21.6 Million to American straw donors, who would then give it to the Obama campaign. This conceals the fact that Low was the source of the money.

Michel received a staggering $70 million for his involvement in the multi-million-dollar donation scheme and in the Trump donation scandal.

Michel’s defense lawyer subpoenaed Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, and former Presidents Obama & Trump. U.S. Court Judge Colleen Kollar Kotelly wouldn’t allow it.

Michel was charged with 11 counts in the Trump and Obama donation cases.

Michel could be sentenced to a 22-year term in federal prison if he is found guilty of all charges.