Anthony Fauci Quietly Takes New Job as ‘Strategic Adviser’ at Italian Bio Lab

The main proponent of U.S. COVID-19 lockdowns & vax mandates was “retired” last year, after much sycophantic and slobbering fanfare by corporate media fangirls.

But, is the Chief Public Health(tm), like a CIA agent, ever really retired?

What does the uneasy federal retiree do, aside from the $50k speaking fees and his pension as the highest-paid federal worker in history?

Via ANSA (translated in original Italian), March 29, 2023

Anthony Fauci, an immunologist, has agreed to serve informally as a strategic advisor to Rino Rappuoli, scientific Director of the Siena Biotechnopolo, which was established by the ministries for University, Health, Economy and Economic Development to dedicate applied research to biotechnology and other life sciences.

Biotecnopolo, an Italian biolab, claims it is a cutting-edge facility for “anti-pandemic research” (translated from Italian).

The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and promote applied research and innovation in biotechnology and life sciences. It also aims at fighting pandemics.

It promotes and coordinates research, technical-scientific developments, technology transfer activities, and innovative processes in order to combat pandemics. Through the “National Anti-Pandemic Center-CNAP,” the Foundation serves as an anti-pandemic hub.

It is not clear why Anthony Fauci would travel to Italy to continue his support for dangerous “antipandemic” research such as the one he funded at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology through Ecohealth Alliance, his colleague.

The United States has many bio labs around the world.

We do know that Fauci and NIH have a history exporting dangerous research to countries that are otherwise illegal in the United States.

The U.S. government prohibited gain-of function research in Chapel Hill (N.C.) in 2014 because it was too risky. Anthony Fauci, instead of abandoning the project, helped to export the operation by granting funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As they say, the rest is history. The “novel coronavirus”, as it was then called, arrived in Wuhan in fall 2019 — coincidentally, according to Public Health(tm), adjacent to Fauci-funded gain of function research on coronavirus pathogenicity.

What is the miscarriage in justice that Anthony Fauci was allowed to roam around the globe overseeing questionable “anti-pandemic” research (which likely means “gain-of function”) and possibly charging exorbitant fees?

Why is Faucin’t he presently in the United States? To testify about the extent of his misconduct over his many decades as the highest-paid government employee and beyond, under penalty of perjury?