Crazy Mixup Makes Man’s Masters Dreams Come True

The Masters is the best springtime tradition in South Carolina. It is an incredible privilege to be able to attend the Augusta Masters golf tournament, in Ga., and I can attest to the fact that if you get to visit, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Being invited to the Masters is a great honor, especially if you aren’t a professional golfer. Scott Stallings will tell you.

Stallings is an Atlanta realtor who shares a name and a nickname with Scott Stallings, a professional golfer. For a few years, he’s been familiar with the name of the experienced golfer.

Stallings told WSB Radio that he first saw him play golf on television about five to six years ago.

The realtor Stallings has been trying to get Masters tickets for 15 years now, while the golfer Stallings was hoping to receive an invitation to play at the Masters for the first time since 2014.

For even more fun, Scott Stallings has been married to Jennifer. What are the odds?

Imagine the excitement Stallings, the realtor, felt when receiving mail from Augusta National on New Year’s Eve. He received an invitation to play, instead of tickets.

“Just the excitement of getting anything Augusta National, then, you know? Kind of hearing the back-and-forth of him thinking that those were his tickets and it wasn’t a ticket, just a different kind of golden ticket,” Stallings (the professional golfer) said to WSB.

Stallings, the realtor, returned the invitation to the golfer. So, Stallings, the golfer decided that he would reward him for being honest with a pair of tickets and a little more.

The realtor stated that they thought the driver would give them tickets and that was it. But when the delivery arrived it was even more special. The driver brought us this brown-wrapped package. It turns out that he had framed the invitation and signed it “From one Scott Stallings To the next.” It’s amazing. It’s amazing.

When WSB asked Stallings (the real estate agent) to name his prediction for who he thought would win this year’s tournament he replied, “Scott Stallings. I just have a feeling.” Wouldn’t that be a great story?

Side note: If Chris Queen is a professional golfer, I would love to see a Master’s mixup. That would net me some tickets.