Jim Jordan Says Everything’s on the Table for House Judiciary to Subpoena Alvin Bragg

Ever since news leaked of the impending indictment of Donald Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office, there’s been a battle brewing between Bragg and the House Judiciary Committee.

Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, referred to the indictment as an abuse of power by a “radical DA”, seeking political revenge against Trump. He stated that he would “direct relevant Committees to examine immediately whether federal funds were being used for subversion of democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and James Comer (R-OH), House Oversight Chair (R-OH), wrote to Bragg “demanding communications, documents, and information related to Bragg’s unprecedented abuses of prosecutorial power, and the possibility to indict former President Donald Trump.”

In response, Bragg, via a spokesperson, vowed (ironically) that his office “will not be intimidated by attempts to undermine the justice process, nor will we let baseless accusations deter us from fairly applying the law.” Initially, Bragg maintained that Donald Trump was to blame for creating a “false expectation” that he would be arrested. (Apparently, the only thing “false” about it was the timing.)

Bragg was criticized by the House in a follow-up letter.

A letter was signed by Bryan Steil (R.OH), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and House Administration Committee Chair Bryan Steil to Bragg. The paragraph is a treasure trove and only reveals the heart of the matter.

The central allegations were not refuted by your reply letter. The central allegations are not being denied by your reply letter.

It was March 25, 2017, and Donald Trump was arrested and arraigned. But Bragg’s office did not provide the House with the requested information.

The House is currently “seriously considering” whether to issue subpoenas to Bragg and two former Bragg prosecutors in connection to this matter.

Fox News Digital received Wednesday night information from a source that the House Judiciary Committee was considering issuing subpoenas for Bragg and two former prosecutions, Carey Dunne, and Mark Pomerantz in order to have them testify before it.

According to Pomerantz’s letter from last year, Bragg stopped following up on Trump’s accusations when he was appointed district attorney in January 2022.

Bragg began to doubt his ability to pursue a case against Trump. In February 2022, Pomerantz & Dunne – who had been leading the investigation under Bragg’s predecessor, ex-NYC DA Cyrus Vance – resigned.

Pomerantz quit the investigation and wrote a book. Trump seemed convinced by this book.

Jordan spoke to Maria Bartiromo (Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures host). They spoke about the matter and mentioned that Bragg had admitted to using federal money as part of his investigation. Jordan was asked if he would be willing to issue subpoenas to Bragg.

Maria, we have everything on the agenda. We believe this is the most important. It includes everyone.

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